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Hello, hello, how are you? Hello, hello, it’s good to see you…
Friends, friends, what can you do with friends?
I can’t remember a day when I haven’t sung these songs, either to myself or with the boys.  Aunt Polly might be my favourite, but there’s a special place in my heart for Mr. Tumble.  Hero loves joining in with the Makaton signing part and gets so excited seeing all of the children on there, doing the same as he is.

We’ve been enjoying the Something Special interactive magazine this week – and the special gifts that came with it.

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Generally the boys are most attracted to magazines with toys or gifts on the front of them, regardless of content, and when Something Special popped through the letterbox, they weren’t disappointed. A little hand puppet of bedtime Mr. Tumble, a notepad and pencil along with a magnifying glass and binoculars.

The second thing that they then search for are the stickers.  In the middle of the Something Special magazine were indeed a set of stickers but because we were reviewing this magazine instead of just consuming it, I swatted their little fingers away so we could actually see what the stickers were meant for and what Mr. Tumble wanted us to do.

The magazine is a refreshing change from most – it’s inclusive.  Each of the boys, nearly 2, 4 and 6 were able to access it in some way and there were no five page long cartoon stories that get read once at bedtime and never again.

We Loved…

That Mr. Tumble’s gifts were appropriate to and incorporated in the flow of the magazine – there’s a little diagram showing you how to put bedtime Tumble together at the beginning – and at the back of the book, a mobile to make for bedtime, the Makaton signing for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and a blanket to cut out for bedtime Mr. Tumble to use.

How the magazine followed the same pattern of the show – the, “When you see it, wave or say BOO!”, and also had an actual order to the issue, based on Mr. Tumble’s day.

The stories being interactive – drawing himself dancing next to Mr. Tumble was Lyoto’s happiest moment after school, as he giggled about his apparent “funky moves”.

Having so many varied activities in the magazine – spotting, signing, talking, colouring, cutting out and sticking, writing, drawing – and best of all, watching Mr. Tumble on our own Tumble Tap – thanks to Blippar!

We’ve used Blippar before with other magazines, and the boys get so excited when they see the B sign.  If you haven’t seen this before, it’s a downloadable app which recognises symbols in the magazine and directs you to a video clip or game to watch or play.  We’ve seen Mr. Tumble painting and all sorts thanks to Blippar this issue!

That it’s relevant to the boys.  Mr Tumble lives in our time, does things that we do [although he is pretty funny] and he’s relatable.  The activities are purposeful as well as being fun, and we got a lot out of them.

The magazine is great value for the £3.99 price tag – and although we were sent one to review, I can guarantee it won’t be the last copy we own.

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