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Just as we thought the weather was getting better….today it’s pouring down and we’re indoors.  Never mind that we’re homebound thanks to the never-ending bug that’s circulating every child in Hampshire it seems, we’re inside.

Inside means cabin fever prone children and so today we made a little rainy day wishes jar.  It’s for those days when you’re frustrated and tired of the same Lego, plasticine and colouring.  This month’s Bostik Bloggers theme is the weather.


You will need:
Bostik Glue [with a nib so that you can draw the raindrops]
Glitter [fine]
Bakers Twine
Tiny trinkets 
Gold stars
Kraft tags
Step One
Draw raindrops with glue, cover in glitter and leave for an hour to dry.  Do not shake off until dry.
Step Two
Fill trinkets with stars and thread with twine
Step Three
Cut wish notelets out, fill up with ideas and tie with bakers twine to keep them a secret!
Step Four:
Tie trinkets and tag to jar, fill with wishes and prepare for the next rainy day!

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