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I made it.  Ten weeks in, and ten per cent of my body mass has gone.  Forever [I hope]. Last night at Slimming World I crept onto the scales praying to see me drop below the next stone marker and there, three pounds lighter, my award popped onto the screen.  Club Ten.

I can’t actually believe I made it.  The boys have been sick for the past week and a bit – Jensen, then Lyoto, Hero and then Lyoto got hit again with the vomiting bug again on Tuesday.  Naturally we can’t all be ill with the same wretched germs at the same time, and so my days have been filled with sobbing children wanting to be cuddled and hanging off me like octopi whenever I try and move, and my nights are filled with Hero going to sleep for 30 minutes then waking and crying to be held, unable to settle until around midnight.  One night I was in the bathroom at 3am, thinking it was entirely possible that I might pass out and I’d only be found in a pool of yuck, in the morning when Lyoto went on his daily mission to hunt down my iPhone.

So despite the lack of exercise, speed food or any sensible diet this week, my body rewarded me with a three pound loss.

I’m very proud of myself.  I never thought that I could achieve this – let alone in such a short period of time.  I’ve got 7lbs to go until I hit the target I set for myself, thinking it would take around a year to achieve.  I’m not hungry, deprived or miserable and thinking of food the whole time.  This time it’s working – and I may or may not have just downloaded Footloose to my iPhone so that I can dance whilst I’m hoovering.

The photos, in case you’re wondering? Eye of the tiger.  I knew I’d fit them in somewhere 🙂

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