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national jigsaw dayThis week we’re giving away Clangers jigsaws, last week we were playing with Thomas the Tank Engine jigsaws – yes, Autumn evenings are here.  It’s jigsaw season!  Better than that, today – on November 3rd – it’s the second National Jigsaw Day ever, and we’re celebrating with Wentworth Jigsaws.  Every year we look forward to a new Christmas jigsaw to complete, and this year we have a really beautiful and special wooden puzzle from them, ready to piece together on Christmas Eve.

Wentworth are celebrating the occasion by offering everyone 10% off every puzzle on their site on National Jigsaw Day – and they’re hosting a Twitter party [@wentworthpuzzle] between 1-2 pm too!  If you’re as keen as our boys are about puzzles, there’s also the opportunity to apply for the Minister for Jigsaws position too!

national jigsaw dayIt’s probably cheating, getting in a little practice before Christmas – but to show you just how amazing our jigsaw is, we’ve put it together in honour of National Jigsaw day for you to see – it’s beautiful quality, made from wood instead of cardboard, with their infamous whimsy pieces – and it’s built to last, with beautiful illustrations of Christmas.  If you have little ones, jigsawing with wooden pieces that actually slot together is SO much easier and so much more fun.  Not only can they actually DO the jigsaw, but the little connecting parts don’t get bent!

national jigsaw day

Happy #NationalJigsawDay!  We hope to see you at the party!



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