How to Host a Gaming Party – Paw Patrol Adventure City Calls

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We were compensated for playing the Paw Patrol Adventure City Calls Game by Outright Games.

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Outright Games – we’ve played SO many of their games and we’ve always got our ear to the ground for the next new one. This week Hero became gaming champion of our home again as an ALL NEW Paw Patrol Game came on the scene – Paw Patrol: Adventure City Calls! He pulled rank on us once again and told us that he was “now not just legendary, but a complete ledge” [which I’m hoping means legend still and not plank of wood] at Paw Patrol Games.

PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls_20210813140827

We were invited to take part in a twitter party too, so we decided to host our own little party at home whilst we did it, to make it a bit of a celebration – because heaven knows, we need all the joy we can muster at the moment.


PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls_20210813140643

Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay was the last gaming party that we hosted, and so when were offered the chance to have another, especially a Paw Patrol themed one, we jumped right in. This summer has been the least fun of all, especially because now we’re in year two of the pandemic and the novelty of being at home has worn off. So a gaming party was a way better time to enjoy the new game than just sitting down to have a go by ourselves. Gaming parties also take away the sting of it not being your turn when you’re little and they provide distractions – and lots of themed food too. Haha.


So Paw Patrol Adventure City Calls is the newest game and an accompaniment to the new Paw Patrol movie of the same title and has been made by from Outright Games – a company whose games we’ve completely fallen in love with over couple of years.. Jensen has recently started playing the Last Kids on Earth and Hero still loves Gigantasaurus.

This time though, it’s the Paw Patrol gang back again for a new adventure with a NEW friend. And not just any friend by LIBERTY – a SAUSAGE DOG. Hero is in heaven. He wants a sausage dog so bad he can taste it [sorry]. So the Paw Patrol crew of Pups Chase, Everest, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, Skye and Zuma set out to explore Adventure City through completing different missions and using their skills in teams of two. There are 7 mini games to unlock and enjoy too, such as the Pup Pup Boogie [which I am terrible at] and award to be gained too.

PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls Pup Symbols


In this new Paw Patrol Adventure City Calls game, players can become different members of the Paw Patrol who work in tandem. Ryder decides on the pups most suitable for the missions still, and the aim of the game is to complete these missions by following instructions and using a little bit of logic and collect up bone shaped [colour coordinated for your pup] cute pup treats on the way, thereby unlocking different collectables and mini games within the game.

PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls Ryder at Controls
PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls – Pup Emblems

Where is Adventure City? What’s the Story Behind it?

The game itself is to accompany the new movie like I said – but even if you haven’t seen the film, the animation is a solid match to the Paw Patrol episodes and the voice overs are that of the much loved pups too – however this time the feel of the game is different and a real city feel has been given to it. We really enjoyed it, and I found myself reminding Hero to collect the treats from different places – and he kept telling me off. He knows what he’s doing and has his own methods, apparently.

PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls Ryder at Command Centre

How to play Paw Patrol Adventure City Calls Game

PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls Mission

In the game, it takes two pups to complete each mission, in tag team. You control the pup at the front of the pack and when needed you switch to be the other, and the pup you aren’t controlling just follows along. The switch takes place on a large paw shaped marker and the treats are colour coordinated to your pup so you know which one you’re controlling each time. If you have a Paw Patrol fan in your home, they’ll know all too well what each pup is capable of. Haha. For example, Rubble will drill rocks and so on out of the way, and Chase has a zipline in his back pack that can be used, whilst Skye will take to the skies to fly around her mission. Zuma was the hardest to control, under water, but the bubbles were fun!

To start the missions, the chosen pups appear in the city and start sniffing about!

PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls Zuma and Rocky
PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls Zuma and Rocky Mission


You’re reminded of what you need to do to be successful whilst also having a free run about in the area to your Pup’s delight. Don’t forget to collect those Pup Treats!

Mini Games

In addition to the missions, there are mini games to be unlocked and played! So far Hero has played Mr. Porter’s Feast, where one of the Pups bounces about trying to collect 30 pieces of fruit from Mr. Porter’s property before the time is up and Pup Pup Boogie, where your pup competes against another in their favourite dancing contest. There are five more mini games to unlock!

PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls collecting pup treats
PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls switching pups
PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls Under water Zuma
PAW Patrol The Movie – Adventure City Calls Mission Completed


So those are the basics to the game without giving too much away. As for the party, planning a little celebration around such a well known brand is easy. The key to a good party is to keep it simple but themed. I wouldn’t tell you how to host a party that’s going to take more time to stage than to enjoy, because that’s fun for no one – and so this one took minutes to get ready. Half an hour at the most.


Make sure everything computer wise is working as it should – make sure that the controllers are charged, the game is downloaded or the cartridge is responding to your console. Check to see if there’s any update that needs downloading, and do this well before you mention any new game in the home. Trust me. It will save you a headache.


When it comes to parties, treats and snacks are the most important part for me and so easy to make too. You just need to use your imagination a little bit. With three boys, I like fast, fun and themed snacks, and so I decided to make three for this party. I was tempted to make the same Rice Krispie Bones that I did for the last party but I thought we’d have something a little different this time. So I found my little fondant bone shaped cutters out, a star shaped cutter and a paw shaped cutter and set to work.


We made Pupcorn again – just like we did for the last Paw Patrol party and our Disney’s Puppy Dog Pals Party because we have a family of popcorn lovers. It takes two minutes in the microwave and you’re done. Sprinkle on the additions and you have instant Pupcorn! We chose mini Oreos because they looked like the pup treats Zuma was collecting underwater in the game.

Cheesy Paw Pizzas

These were so quick and easy to make – pizza dough, passata and cheese, baked in the oven and served hot. The boys loved these with Rubble on the plate.

Mucky Pup Sandwiches

Using my little bone shaped cutter, I punched out some little bones from Dairylea and ASDA cheese slices, popped them with lettuce and ham on small brioche rolls and served with Wotsits – because they look like little dog poops apparently. Don’t judge me.


As a dessert, to keep them busy we had a little food craft – last time we placed Paw Patrol card games and hide and seek with the figures but this time we made fondant topped Rice Krispie stars and decorated them to represent each pup.


Finally, I always have something for them to colour in. Usually they’ll colour if I do, as they love to tell me I’m doing it wrong. Last time I made a rainbow Omnitrix and got into all kinds of trouble with it from them.

We hope you enjoy your gaming party – don’t forget to join in with the Twitter party over on our channel – @KeepUpJonesFami from 1-3pm today!

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