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North Pole Breakfast…. A Tradition is Born!

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Last year, the elf of the moment was Mack-Mack.  He was an Elf on the Shelf elf, and Jensen adored him.  The only trouble was, he adored him so much that I couldn’t bear to split them up when Christmas was over ~ and so the Mack Mack gave up his life at the North Pole for more southern lifestyle with us.

This year, after stalking many, many blogs about Christmas traditions, I found these.  Elf Magic elves. I loved them instantly ~ the only trouble was they weren’t allowed to be shipped to the UK. Thankfully I have a very good friend who ordered and shipped them to us…and that’s not all, as you’ll see.

So here are our Elves ~ Mistletoe Kiss and Merry Bright Wish.  Yes, I chose the corny names because after Mack Mack I wondered what on earth these two poor little ones would have been landed with.

As everything fell behind (best laid plans and all), our North Pole Breakfast ended up being on Boxing Day.  I had it all planned beforehand, but of course it being after Christmas Day, there wasn’t an inch of room in our house and it was like a (beautiful, colourful) war zone.  It was a mess.  I literally put the tables in the middle of everything and set up.

We dressed the boys in their super-cute personalised elf shirts made by our friend Crystal (more on her later!) and breakfast was ready.  On the menu were yoghurts, milk, mini pancakes and bacon, cherries and grapes, mini chocolate stars and marshmallows, and cream. Oh, the cream….


At this point I’d like to thank my husband profusely for physically restraining the boys from the table whilst I took a couple of photos for their photo books.  After this it got a little, er, white.


I should really have seen it coming…the wistful wander and casual glancing…

Then Baby Dragon was “released”…Dadda warned against it but I didn’t want him to miss out on the fun…

…you know, the fun that comes from THIS…


Yes, hands immersed in whipped cream.  Notice the disgust on Dadda’s face.

All I could do was click away.


Baby Dragon loved it….and had to be stripped of his ever-so-cute elf shirt beautifully made by our elf trafficker immigration officer, Crystal (thank you again, Crystal!!!) only fifteen minutes after wrestling slipping it on.

And so, later than planned, messier than hoped for, but very delicious, our new tradition was begun.

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