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Each weekday, at around 3.45pm we arrive home from the school run.  Last week was rather soggy thanks to the surprise downpours that made me very glad to have an umbrella in my hand [even if it was a tiny Fireman Sam one] and comfortable boots on on feet [highly gorgeous, deep red Hotter boots], and after wrenching and thrashing off their raincoats and school shoes, I was left with three apparently ravenous children who wanted to eat something – anything – that they could get their hands on.

Eating at 11.30pm and 12 o’clock means that tiny tummies are empty and growling like bears by them tie we reach home; and whereas I don’t want them to ruin their appetite for dinner, I do like them to have a little something to eat whilst I’m putting the school and preschool bits and pieces away, and reading any letters that have been foisted into their book bags.  I’m one of those mothers who enjoys seeing her children eat – I’m a milk and cookies at bedtime kind of mom.

Their favourite after school snack [besides a Chocolate Orange] is a little fruit plate that they can nibble on, but as the weather turns chilly, I want them to eat a little more, and so we decided to make Autumnal spiced scones this week as all of my boys have loved cinnamon since they began weaning, and the smell from the oven makes everyone feel cosy despite the miserable grey rainclouds as the evenings draw in faster and faster.

Using Clover instead of butter as I usually do was so much easier – it combined brilliantly with the flour and I wasn’t left all greasy and caked in flour, trying ridiculously to turn the faucet on and leaving dough all over the hand soap pump.

There were three bottoms in the air as the boys checked every two minutes to see if their scones were ready, and after a little cooling on a wire rack, they were ready to layer with more Clover, clotted cream and plum jam.  Baby Hero decided to eat the clotted cream with a spoon and then held tightly to his warm treat very contentedly as he watched a little Bing Bunny before playing.

Three very happy boys with Clover scones and nothing artificial – have you joined the Clover Troop yet? Head over to their Facebook page to win a personalised magnet and other amazing prizes!

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