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This weekend it was birthday tea time for the boys.  A chance for them to huff and puff their candles out and celebrate being brothers for a whole year.
Here’s last year’s Disney inspired cake thanks to the kind people on the creative board over at DISBoards, and the year before?  We weren’t blogging then, but it was supremely cute thanks to Two Sugar Babes and their spectacular fondant that traveled to us safely from New York.

This year was a completely home made effort by me and Dadda. After a week of smash cakes and toddler made colourful, cakey, fun it was time to lock and load the sprinkle guns. Not the all natural colouring ones either.  We’re talking the shimmery, rainbow dipped, Cuban cigar standard of sugar sprinkles.  The ones you aren’t supposed to eat any more.

The lovely Stephanie of Felt Like Creating in New Zealand sent us this super cute cake bunting (along with a few other goodies too) for our boys’ celebration and it fitted our colour scheme perfectly.

Initially, 13 candles were placed on the cake, representing 1 and 3.  Remembering how superstitious Granny is, and seeing Nanny’s face when she realised that there were 13 candles, a silver star candle was added too.

The initials J and L were piped with Cadburys and sprinkled too!

The cake was topped with white fondant and the sides were covered in Dadda’s homemade buttercream, and then between us we sprinkle-shot it.  That’s our technical term, you know.  We’re no cake makers or decorators, but when we were done, I quite fell in love with the colourful little cake.

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