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There’s only one reason that I’ll happily get out of bed for at 4 am and bundle myself into London for [with the blessing of three boys who all seem to believe that my place is at home where they can always find me] and if you’ve ever met me, you’ll know it’s a 6 letter word. Disney.  In this case, a ShopDisneyUK Christmas showcase was calling.

At 8 am I was outside the Oui Rooms in London, waiting to see some of the NEW SHOPDISNEYUK CHRISTMAS range.  Ahhhh [waves Muppet arms] SO excited!  There really was something for everyone – SO much more for us adults in terms of homeware and fashion, and SO much for the boys [Superhero lovers].

I’ve included a few photos here – there are more on our Instagram Stories coming this week, and I’ll be uploading me shouting over all of the excitement at the ShopDisney event on IGTV and YouTube this week too [post coming next on that]!  Here are some of my favourites below.

ShopDisneyUK Christmas

ShopDisneyUK ChristmasDonald’s Christmas knitwear is spectacular!  I fell instantly in love with Chip and Dale sweaters for the boys – and there’s a Mickey cookie jar, [LOVE!] cute Christmas mugs with Stitch on them too, and below is the follow up to last year’s Little Bits R2D2 Droid that Jens and Yotie both had – and this is A-MAZING.  A LittleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Glove to be customised!  There’s a step by step app so as parents we don’t need to freak out that we will have spent £140 [I think] and have no idea what to do.  ShopDisneyUK Christmas Littlebits Avengers Hero InventorThere were Mickey and Minnie sacks, and a joint Mickey and Minnie giant sack for Santa’s presents too.ShopDisneyUK Christmas ShopDisneyUK ChristmasI found quite a few advent calendars including the Tsum Tsum one which features 25 MINI Tsums this year, including BOLT [ahhh!].  I love the Mousketool walker for little ones and below is a game I’m going to be torturing my family with this Christmas.  I am possibly the world’s most awful singer. ShopDisneyUK Christmas Song challenge game I’ve actually just thrown Gav’s lamp away [sorry Gav] and the X-wing is going to make a great replacement. I saw this and felt instantly better about hiding his old lamp in the bin this morning.  I think I might be forgiven for getting rid of his awful, awful old *practical* lamp when he receives this. haha.ShopDisneyUK Christmas X Wing desk lampThere were SO many gifts to choose from in the ShopDisneyUK Christmas showcase. SOOOOO many.  My best, and most genuine advice is to buy it if you love it [and can afford it], and as soon as you see it because I cannot tell you the heartbreak that was caused last year when I missed out on getting the tsum tsum calendar :/  I’ve already missed the Poisoned Apple cups for Hallowe’en.  Gorgeous things come onto ShopDisneyUK and sell out fast!

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