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This week we’ve been lucky enough to review something SO fitting that I was tempted to play with it by myself…. The Mickey Mouse Fly ‘n’ Slide Clubhouse.
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As a parent I have great confidence in Fisher Price as a toy manufacturer, having spent many of my own childhood years playing with their durable, beautiful products.  In fact, when the boys visit either set of grandparents, the toys they play with are Fisher Price toys from my own or their Dadda’s past.

The Mickey Mouse Fly ‘n’ Slide Clubhouse arrived at the perfect time, being days away from leaving to visit the big cheese himself!  Our postman delivered the parcel whilst we were still in our pyjamas and so after unpacking, I managed to wrangle Baby Dragon out of his, but Our Little Adventurer was far too busy apparently.

The set is comprised of a clubhouse, a table, two chairs, a see saw and a little airplane.  Mickey and Minnie are also included.  It was very simple to assemble with a few snap-on parts.  Opening and assembly time was around three minutes.

The “Fly”part of the clubhouse was far and away Lyoto’s favourite part.  A little plane with Minnie Mouse in to push around? Yes please.

To use the “slide” part, Mickey and the gang pop through the trapdoor on top of the Clubhouse…

….and out of the Toodles door, down the slide, which actually works. So many slide toys aren’t actually slides, but Minnie zipped down the green chute very well.

The little purple see saw was sweet.

This toy is perfect for playing side by side….although naturally there was the inevitable power-struggle for the Big Cheese himself.

Baby Dragon looks wistfully on…

Our verdict? Obviously we loved it.  It’s been played with non stop, especially by Baby Dragon.  As a purchasing Momma however, there were a few points I felt were worth raising.
Firstly, I wish that for the price, there was a little more detail in the toy.  For example, the little table that came with the set was sweet, but entirely yellow, including the items which were on the table.  Even the stickers that our parents took seemingly hours to apply on Christmas mornings are preferable to plain moulded plastic.  The table was thus deemed uninteresting and put to the side by the boys.  This point extends to the interior of the Clubhouse too.  Details lead to much longer engagement times with my boys; and even if it’s stickers that I have to apply myself and complain about it profusely as I’m doing so, ultimately as a buyer I feel as though I’m getting more kapow for my pound.  I’d also love to see other sets in the range such as the Clubhouse garden for example so that the collection could be built upon.
Secondly, the parts disconnect very easily; the slide has been off on its travels a few times.  I prefer chunky, difficult to destroy toys that are built in one piece…that way it saves heartache when one of them has decided to squirrel an essential piece away somewhere.
The toy has been played with non-stop in our house by our little Mouseketeers, most notably by Baby Dragon (20 months).  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends.

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  1. I love this toy! it is so colorful and really depicts the show pretty perfectly! look like they really love it! I really enjoy the top part of it that flaps open and the minnie on airplane. It really is the real clubhouse, must be fun for them to see their favorite show's clubhouse in real life. I would have love this when I was younger!

  2. This toy looks and sounds great. It's great that it was so easy to assemble too, that's always a big plus for me because if it's in any way complicated I have to get my other half to figure it out. Lyoto is precious playing with it and you tell that he really does love it. Shame that some of the pieces come apart easily though, my 22 month old would have them all broken off and put in different places around the house!

  3. I love Fisher Price! This looks so cute. I definitely agree that things with detail get played with longer. But what kid can resist playing with Mickey regardless? Glad your boys enjoyed this!

  4. I love it! Absolutely love it. I am trying so hard not to wish away the newborn stage but I absolutely cannot wait to get to the fun stage. I like to lay in the floor and play with children and now that I have my own…the possibilities are endless. I fill like in the blink of an eye fisher price took over my entire home. It is an awesome feeling though. I don't mind the random stub of my toe and fisher price toy going off in the middle of the night. Ask me again in five years if I am still so giddy.

  5. That is just a darling toy. My son is ALL About Mickey right now. He is two and way into the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We are heading to Disney this week and I can't wait to see him recognize his favorite mouse. This toy is a MUST HAVE in this house!

  6. I absolutely love anything Disney. Especially when it comes to toys. I love this Mickey play set. Parts of it are big enough for smaller kids and the little pieces are great for hugging. I love the photo of your little one hugging the Mickey toy. So cute!

  7. I love Fisher Price products. I think my youngest is still in the age range where he could play with this. I have to check it out because who can resist a Mickey Mouse toy?

  8. Oh, that is such a cute Mickey-related toy, and I keep zeroing in on that cute Minnie Mouse figurine in your pictures. It looks like the kiddies had a lot of fun playing with it. It's good that you point out that some of the pieces slide out too easily…definitely something to think about if you have a child who easily unlocks things….or plays a little rough with his or her toys.

  9. I loved the review. I remember buying baby toys for my twins ( 7 now ) times have surely changed. Now when I am buying friends babies toys, I am so thankful for these blog reviews, they really help make my buying decisions much more simple.

  10. Ahh I love this! My youngest two are HUGE Mickey fans. I wanted to get this for my youngest. It may be a birthday gift in June for sure. It looks like a lot of fun, looks like something they would play with enough that I could have a break, those are always nice right? haha.

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