House Elves and Elfcapades…

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Our first Elf arrived in 2011 when Jensen Indiana was one year old.  I had discovered the tradition through reading American family blogs and there were aspects I loved about the whole idea and others I wasn’t so fond of.   The basic concept was of an elf who arrived in your home and who reported to Father Christmas (Santa) every night on your child’s behaviour.  The fun side was that the elf was getting into mischief at night in the house whilst everyone was asleep.  However, your child wasn’t supposed to touch the elf because it would erase the magic and need kind of decontaminating.  That part I wasn’t so keen on.  So, I took the bits I liked and when our Elf on the Shelf arrived, I discarded the book and handed him over to Jensen Indiana, who fell in love.

In 2012, two new elves joined our elf family, a boy and a girl.  These ones were different elves and sent to me by my friend in California, or the Elf Trafficker as we call her as these elves aren’t available for international delivery.  Last year as well as getting up to plenty of silliness at night, our elves hosted our first North Pole Breakfast.

So, this year we have three elves, Mack Mack (our Elf on the Shelf), Mistletoe Kiss and Merrybright Wish.  They arrived in their Narnia-like tardis which was beautifully crafted for us last year, and you can keep up to date with their shenanigans on our Instagram.


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