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Before I was a parent, I had time to myself.  Quite honestly, since my boys arrived, taking care of myself has become a permanent backseat priority.  I used to have nice hair, make up and nails – and now I have a ponytail or plait, I’m fresh faced and my nails are bare.  I’m a boy-mom – and although my boys tell me I’m beautiful all of the time [they really do, they’re very charming] sometimes it’s hard to feel that way without a little pretty in my life.

With the new year peeping at me, I decided that in some way I need to give myself a little attention.  And where better to start than my nails?  I used to love having painted nails.

However, the thought of making sure my boys weren’t painting everything in sight keeping an eye on my boys whist I mulled over which shade I’d like in the middle of John Lewis frightened the Christmas spirit out of me and so when Enail recently offered me the opportunity to order nail polish from their website for free, I was very excited indeed. is very easy to navigate and simple to use.  There are three steps to ordering your polishes.

Step One:

Firstly, you can personalise your bottles!  There are a handful of fonts available to fill three lines of text, printed in silver foil.  I decided on My New Years Resolution.

Step Two:

Secondly, the fun part!  The shades.  Simply select your three colours by clicking on your desired shade swatch and dragging it across to the bottle, which then magically fills up with your chosen colour.  There are 47 shades to try!  This means that I spent at least half an hour refilling my bottles on enail as I am terrible at making decisions.

Step Three:

Finally, the packaging.  There are a variety of box designs tied with a blue ribbon.  I decided on a box with hearts on as I know the polishes won’t stay in the box [I’ll be hiding them before small wannabe nail technicians get their mitts on them] but as I have two little Valentine boys, the box can be reused for one of them.

I chose the prettiest gold and coppery shades and a sparkly one too!  I have a thing about gold at the moment.  I also didn’t have to wait long – as after ordering late at night, my polishes arrived within two days – and delivery is free in the UK, which always makes me more inclined to buy from a website.  I hate thinking I’m paying a certain price and then finding that the postage is £6.99 or something.

When my pretty package arrived, there was a free bottle of top coat in a sweet little organza pouch [which the boys claimed as apparently it wasn’t mine, it was an elf sack] which I often use as a base to stop staining if I’m using dark red or purple polishes.

All three of my polishes were gorgeous and after only one coat I have sparkly, glistening nails!  I’ve applied the glitter on top of the gold and it looks amazing – the glitter coat contains different sized particles so it looks extra festive.  I love them.  I can’t comment on chipping at the moment since I haven’t worn them more than 7 hours, but no chips so far with a baby, toddler and husky – we’ll see how we survive the last school run of the year!

Do you too deserve a treat? enail are also offering Keep Up With The Jones Family readers 10% off with code DISC10 – so now you can have pretty nails too!  Which colours would you choose?

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  1. That is so great that you found something to do just for you. I know as a mom you prioritize your kids, and I get that, but it is nice to do that little thing that makes you feel special. They look very pretty!

  2. Ha ha your boys sound like mine. They love to make uses out of all my things, from ponytail holders to my bras as sling shots! I definitely have taken a back seat on making myself look and feel pretty since the kids arrived. But of course I wouldn't have it any other way since they too tell me I'm a pretty princess. 🙂 Love the color you chose!

  3. I totally here ya. I haven't wore make up in ages and always have my hair up in a ponytail. My kiddos always come first of course. Those are some nice looking nail polishes. I'm wanting to start doing more with makeup, so this will be a good start. =)

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