Cinco de Mayo Celebrations with Discovery Foods!

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Just like Handy Manny, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style this year.  Thankfully Mr. Lopart and his sabotaging furball Fluffy were nowhere to be found, but thanks to Discovery Foods (and the hard work of my husband at 11 p.m) we enjoyed our own mini Mexican fiesta!

Since I can’t cook take any credit for the meal, here’s what he did from the horse’s husband’s mouth…

“Firstly I made chicken and pepper skewers, which were seasoned before cooking for a while (to strengthen the flavour) with the Cajun spices from the season and sauce jar.  Fresh coriander was added into the Cajun mixture and used as a garnish also.

Secondly, with the sauce from the Cajun jar, I created a chicken, pepper, mushroom and spring onion melange (we couldn’t think of another word) accompanied by white long grain rice.

Thirdly I assembled a Mexican flag skewer of red and green peppers on a bed of white rice.

Fourthly, I cooked fajitas with the “perfect fajita” kit using onion, pepper and chicken filets.

The meal was accompanied by a trio of Mexican flag side dishes and garnishes…Guacamole and avocado pieces, with Discovery sour cream and salsa; red chilli, white radish and spring onion tops; and finally a red radish, white rice and lettuce flag.”

All that was missing were the margaritas!   Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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  1. I love reading your blog… Blake and I watched Handy Manny celebrateCinco de Mayo too. We didn't make a Mexican meal we just ordered Mexican food from our local TexMex restaurant. Weeks make frozen margaritas… They were yum

    1. Aw, thanks Christina! I wish we had a Mexican takeaway….or frozen margaritas! I'm going to have one in WDW though… I hope Blake loved Handy Manny's celebrations…we're waiting for his wedding!

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