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We were gifted the Swizzels Personalised Love Hearts and Sweets shown in the post – you can get your own personalised treats and hampers online only at .

The countdown is on in florists everywhere – but no one will be sending any to me. Not that I’m not loved – but I did two amazing things on Valentines’ day that guaranteed I’d never look at this day with rose tinted specs ever again.

Happy Valentine’s Day – give some Swizzels Personalised Love Hearts to someone you love!

I was in labour in 2010 on Valentine’s day, and gave birth in the early hours of the following day – and then as if that wasn’t quite good enough for the gods of love, I gave birth two years later ON Valentine’s day to my second son. If you’re wondering, I went for the 4th July with Hero.

So, these Swizzels Personalised Love Hearts are the most romantic thing that’s likely to happen to me – and even then, they’ll be snaffled by the products of Valentine’s days gone by [my boys, if you’re confused by this point]. My boys LOVE these sweets – and I know Gav does too since I find little Swizzels wrappers by the sofa when he’s been up late at night.

Swizzels Personalised Love Hearts Tube with 25 rolls of mini sweets
Swizzels Personalised Love Hearts – you can see the pink LIMITED edition ones in the mix!

Swizzels have sweets in all of the places you’d normally get them – but now they offer something extra special which arrived in the post today. You can order PERSONALISED Love Heart tubes. I’m hanging onto mine and using it as a make up tube for my eye pencils and maybe some brushes because I love a personalised anything.

New for 2020, it costs £9.99 plus P&P as far as I know, and there are 25 mini rolls inside. They fill the tube so you don’t feel as though you’ve been short changed, and there are so many uses for the tube after they’re gone. I love it.

If you look carefully in all of the Love Heart madness, you can see the NEW LIMITED EDITION [my boys go crazy for anything that has these words in the description] pink Valentine rolls. I only have enough here for one mini roll each, but you can get 30 in a bag for the same price as the tube above.

Swizzels Sweet Hamper in red box for Valentine's day. Squashies, refreshers, rainbow drops, drumsticks, parma violets, lollipops and double dip included
The Swizzels Sweet Hampers contain all of your favourites – Squashies, Drumsticks, Double Dip and more!

Finally, in the ALL NEW category are the little hampers. We were sent a little one which costs only £7.99 plus P&P, but would make such a fun present for the Valentine lovers in your life who aren’t that fond of the price hike in flowers at this time of year. There are hampers from £2.99 to £21.99 – which comes in a personalised wicker hamper apparently!

Head over to to get yours – and here’s to hoping your Valentine is more romantic than mine!

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  1. What an amazing coincidence to have 2 children with birthdays on consecuritve days, and one of the days being Valentine’s Day.

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