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If you don’t hear that song in your head now, you haven’t been watching Frozen as much as we have!

We are fast approaching the birthday party weekend…our house is full of Olaf bits and pieces [actual bits and pieces], and then we all managed to catch a miserable bug.

Homemade birthday cakes still make everything better…  Especially when filled with sprinkles and strawberry buttercream, and made by newly crowned three year olds.

How’s your week been?

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  1. What a beautiful photo! Hope your birthday party weekend goes well and that everyone will be feeling better by then. I'll be busy daydreaming and singing "In Summer"….

  2. Happy Birthday to your 3 year-old! I'm sorry you guys got sick. I really love the photo. I usually make all the kids' birthday cakes – especially when they were still small enough to want a themed party. Three are now teenagers (one is at his first year of Uni.), and then there's Amanda who will be turning 7 on Saturday and we've got some Lego birthday ideas pinned on Amanda's Board. She chose the theme and, for some reason, I never thought of it myself with any of the kids.

  3. Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head 🙂 I'll now be singing it for the next couple of hours! haha! Wonderful photos and hope the cake tasted amazing! Hope you used all your beautiful (and expensive) sprinkles! Did they ever find the Sprinkles Monster 😉 Suz

  4. That is a beautiful photo! Happy Birthday to your little one. Our week has been crazy busy. I am finally finding time to catch up on my blog reading and commenting. Have a great weekend!

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