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I love interior design.  I daydream of the when I can do beautiful things with my home that won’t mean balancing the risk between encountering the kind help of my three little assistants, and the pointless damage to my bank balance should said help occur.

Our hallway was in desperate need of a spruce-up after we lost Excalibur, [imagine what your hallway would look like with 14 years of two rampaging huskies] and when Modern Rugs offered us the chance to take part in a design challenge, it was the perfect time to get to work with a pop of colour, the colour of love.

We decided to redecorate with and bought two red lampshades, some wall paper, and we painted our old wooden mirror with a coat of white satin gloss.

There were nine places that our new Modern Rugs Valentine rug looked amazing in.  We finally settled on between the door and the stairs, for cosy toes and because it’s the place the boys like to sit and play [although we have no idea why].  The rug is so silky, fluffy, warm and luxurious – and the different tones of the rug shine beautifully.
Our boys think we decorated in time for Chinese New Year [yesterday] and are pretty impressed with us!

The rug is just fantastic – the size is perfect for just about everywhere – by the sofa, the bed, the door, in the middle of the hall… I think you can tell that we love it.  We’re entering into the Modern Rugs Valentine competition to add a pop of colour, and we managed it all on £70!  We feel very warm and fuzzy with our new rug.

We love our new rug.
Disclosure: We were sent the gorgeous rug by Modern Rugs in return for entering the styling challenge.

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  1. What a cosy looking rug. Your hallway looks bright, fresh and stylish. We need to get new rugs once we've moved, a suspicious black stain has ruined my fav pink rug 🙁

  2. Gorgeous rug! I love that red. However I stay clear of wallpaper – the very thought terrifies me and i see myself getting caught up in sticky paper and making a right mess. I really must overcome this fear one day

  3. I don't know why I'm so afraid of colour! It always looks great when people have this pop of unexpected colour somewhere, and I always LOVE the look of it. Nicely done, I'm loving those red shades too.

  4. My mother took interior design classes when I was a child, yet I didn't share her love for until the past few years. I'm not an expert by any means, but I do enjoy it! By the way, that rug is simply beautiful.

  5. Wow. That looks fantastic and it's a great focal point for the space! I can't believe you redecorated on such a small budget too- it just goes to show what a little creativity can do. Good luck in the contest- I hope you win it!!
    (and your boys are adorable)

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