Just a Few Words on Wednesday

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Christmas has been over for a month nearly so please forgive these – but these photos somehow got lost, and they made me smile.  Our Christmas cake pops were so delicious.  Well, I imagine that they were…. I never got one. Not one.

Argh!  Poor little guy.  Lyoto decided his gingerbread would talk to Father Christmas, whilst Jensen wanted to behead his snowman.

Happy Wednesday!  We’re busy editing our photos from Bluestone National Park, where we were last Wednesday!  Looking forward to seeing your photos!

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  1. Those are adorable photos of your children. Those cake pops look really good–I would probably behead them pretty quickly myself-then devour the rest of the body before my hand reached for another.

  2. I am very glad you posted these pictures, they are very cute. The pop cakes look lovely, and the kids I am sure enjoyed them very much, too bad you did not have a chance to try them (I know the feeling).

  3. Those are really awesome photos and even if Christmas is over, it just brings the happiness of Christmas over the next year. The Christmas Cake pops looks really delicious.

  4. Very cute photos. That would be me as well. In my house, I am the last one to get the "goodies".. Those pops looked very yummy. I bet that they enjoyed them.

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