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Even grown ups need a little bit of Christmas magic in their lives – and we’re so excited as part of the Generation Graco panel to be able to bring you an AMAZING competition to win over £350 of Graco products before the New Year Chimes in!  One of the prizes is the fantastic Milestone car seat, launched this year by Graco and which we currently use for Hero, but wish we’d had for all of the boys from birth!

The prize bundle includes:

  • The Milestone car seat
  • A Nimble Nook travel cot
  • A Swivi booster seat

Bringing the boys home from hospital in a car seat that they could grow with, instead of grow out of, would have been so wonderful – and like an heirloom almost!  We can’t tell you how much we just love the Milestone.

If you’re thinking of buying [or hoping to win] the Milestone, Suzie Hayman, from the charity Family Lives, has some tips for that extra special first ride.

“Baby’s first outing into the open air is often the trip home from a hospital birth, at a few days old. At this age, their eyes won’t be coordinated and they may keep their fists clenched. In fact, they’re not even sure at this stage where they end and you begin which is why they investigate their own hands, fingers and toes with as much curiosity as the bits of you they can reach. But they recognise your voice and show a preference for it, and want to be held and rocked and to hear you. Safety comes first in a car however so they need to be strapped into that seat, but keep a hands-on close connection and sing and talk to them on the trip home and go back to cuddling and holding as soon as you can.”

The competition is open until 31st December – head over to the Graco Facebook page to win – Father Christmas might come a little late, but he’d be worth waiting for!

*This is a collaborative post as part of the #GenerationGraco panel*

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