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And not just House of Fraser, but gorgeously soft, sumptuously snuggly, woollen jumpers by Polarn O. Pyret from House of Fraser, who very kindly asked us if we’d like to choose some clothes for Bonfire Night and show them off!

Our family loves to celebrate on Bonfire Night; mostly because both the mister and I have exceptionally fond memories of it growing up.  My own recollections include anxiously awaiting my dad’s return from work so that we could bundle up in thick Winter coats and gloves and head out to the enormous (and so loud that my dad would muffle my ears) fireworks display by the local fire department.

This was usually followed upon return home by a communal bonfire (complete with Guy) on the estate where I lived.  Our Bonfire Nights always ended the same way; eating greasy, onion-topped hot dogs and hot, buttery potatoes wrapped in silver foil that had been baking all evening in a neighbour’s oven. We had fun, staying up late with the friends we were growing up with, under the starry night sky and making memories.

We haven’t been to a public Bonfire as a family yet, but we create small ones at home so that we can toast marshmallows and make s’mores…and so cuddly jumpers are a must.  We chose matching grey sweaters from House of Fraser for our Bonfire Fashion and the boys loved them.  Unlike most wooly garments we seem to buy, these are not at all itchy or scratchy, and are by far the softest we’ve found.

I did mention that there were two little angels at the beginning of this post.  Well…even though I started with two neatly dressed boys, one of my models ended up heading for the nearest puddle (thankfully minus his sweater) and practically swimming in it.  Yes, imagine my horror as whilst posing Baby Hero in his pumpkin, I turn to catch the sight of a puddle jumping champion in the act of performing a joyous and majestic dive into a particularly deep, muddy area of the field. The shameful photo should be up on our Facebook this week.

So, whilst Lyoto sat huddled under a fleecy Spiderman blanket in the back of the car talking to Grandad,  Our Little Adventurer headed to the log pile with me, marshmallows in hand.  He’s a professional.  He even ate the marshmallows I asked him to pose with, despite hating them.  Awww.

The clothing gets a huge thumbs up from our family.  The jumper we chose is by Polarn O. Pyret and is 46% cotton, 35% acrylic, 12% Polyamide and 7% wool. Now I don’t know what that all means in the fashion world, but in our world, they’re cosy, soft and perfect for a chilly Autumn evening.
How do you celebrate Bonfire Night?  We’d love to hear!
Disclosure: We were gifted two items of clothing, of our choice, by House of Fraser in return for our article.  All opinions are our own.

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  1. Love the jumpers, and the photos! Bonfire night is the best, such a brilliant time for traditions. I especially like the collar on the jumpers 🙂

  2. Lovely jumpers! We took our little ones to their first ever firework display this year. My eldest is four and she loved it. The two year old slept in the pushchair the whole time and the baby was tucked up in the baby carrier. It was hectic but so much fun!

  3. The jumper looks gorgeous and is a lovely colour. Your photos are beautiful (shame about your little puddle diver but I imagine he had a ball).

  4. He looks gorgeous. We don't really bother with bonfire night. We got the girls some sparklers and they went to a display with other family members but I just stay home with Ant and keep warm!

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