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It feels so real now… It’s time to pack my labour bag!  Okay, it’s definitely past the time I’m supposed to have packed my bag (40 weeks tomorrow) but I thought I’d share what I like to pack – when I was pregnant with Jensen I had no real idea and ended up taking so many bags…and a suitcase, AND then forgetting he needed a hat!  I managed to reduce that with Lyoto, and now again I’ve reduced it again…and I know I’m jinxing myself but I kind of feel as though I know what I’m doing now *cough*.
My Satchel…

My camera, Bert (or Wall E as the boys call him) is coming with me.  This will be my first baby I’ve had a manual camera for.  Now I can avoid the Bounty photographers who pray on hormonal mothers before their partners or family arrive, and sell them £65 photographs that have taken them ten seconds to shoot (yes, they got me).  I also have my iPhone camera, and my Olloclip, and my chargers.

The Mac.  I’m staying for at least two days due to diabetes and other issues, and so I might get a little time to edit a photograph or two.  I mean, he has to sleep at some time… I hope.

His baby book.  I can start filling that in when I’m in hospital.

Reading book.  I only managed to read the second time around, in the bath, whilst having contractions.  It took my mind off it for a while, so I’m going to try again.

Snacks.  Cereal bars, fruit, whatever you like.   Sugary energy drinks are highly recommended by my midwife.  I never ate a thing with Jensen but had bananas and cereal bars during early labour with Lyoto.  This time it’s no snacks for me because of the gestational diabetes, but beforehand I’ll be eating bananas and pretzels.

Big Brother gifts.  This time little brother is giving them big brother crowns and a special gift at home, for all of the love and hugs they’ve given him before he was born.

My Suitcase…

My clothes.

First and foremost, HUGE, comfortable belly hugging underwear.  I love Sloggi ones because I wore them for years playing rugby, but with Lyoto I got Primark ones and the mister forced me to burn them threw them away after a few washes.  The good maternity pants from Mothercare last indefinitely though.  But whatever, make sure they’re big, and comfy.

Socks.  I like fluffy socks in hospital.  I get mine from Primark or Fat Face.  Fat Face ones last a lifetime and keep their shape.  I also like gripper socks instead of slippers for walking around the hospital because in the middle of the night, it’s easier to just get out of bed in your socks and be safe rather than trying to fumble around for slippers under the bed.

My pretty hospital gowns made by Hot Mama Gowns in the USA.  These are great for nursing in too, and your bottom is at no risk of popping out, unlike the lovely NHS gowns that clearly were never tested on pregnancy wards.

My Feed Me Momma nursing vest.  I reviewed these for another blog that has since stopped running, but they are brilliant.  I need more of these.  After nearly four years of nursing, I haven’t found anything else that comes close for comfort and practicality (aside from being naked).

Pyjamas.  It’s a tradition for me to get a couple of new pairs for hospital.  I get them from (you guessed it) Primark because they’re £5 a pair and they’re perfect.  The button up style allows me to wear a tank underneath and is easy for nursing.

Dressing Gown.  I have the same gown I bought from you-know-where when I was pregnant with Jensen. It’s still as snuggly and soft as the day I got it.

Isabella Oliver maternity trousers.  These are like huge yoga pants and although they cost more than I’ve ever spent on a pair of trousers in my life, they were SO worth it. I’ve worn them a million times. They look smart and feel like pyjamas.
T-shirts.  I’ll sound like a sponsor if I say where I buy them, but seriously, they’re so comfortable and stretchy, and colourful.  With the maternity trousers, they make the perfect going home outfit too.

Make Up and Wash Bag…

My make up bag is sadly used for special occasions at the moment, and thankfully babies gaze at their Mommas like they are the most beautiful creatures on earth, as the first time they see them us is at our most exhausted, blood sodden and sweaty.  Luckily our newborns are also a little bleary eyed too…and things can only get better after that.  This time though, I’m packing some make up…after looking back at my photos from the days after my last two births it was a little scary (eek!).

I spoiled myself and headed to Lush for a much needed pamper purchase…and Jensen bought a couple of bath bombs for himself and his brother to be included.  He even carried the bag for his Momma *heart-melt* because he “is a big boy now and has dad-muscles nearly”.

Moisturiser.  I have dry skin due to the water here in Hampshire, and if my face is tight and itchy then I’m cranky and irritable.

Lip balm.  I love Burt’s Bees.  I didn’t use it the last two times, but my lips have been so dry that I needed something.  I love the scrub.

Shampoo and conditioner.  Get something special to pamper yourself with, that smells amazing.  Your hair is about to start falling out in clumps.

Shower gel, razors.  This is probably the last time you’re going to shower alone, enjoy it…plus, you can just about get to your legs again.

Breast pads.  I’ve tried nearly every kind out there and Johnson & Johnson are by far my favourite.  Even if they were £5 a box (they’re around £2 I think) I’d buy them. They’re padded, absorbent and best of all have indentations for your nipple.  Which sounds like nothing when you have no-lactating boobs.  Get to day four after giving birth and anything touching my nipples was unbearable.

Maternity pads.  Your midwife will prefer you to use these as they are not as absorbent as sanitary towels and so any unusual blood loss can be detected. I got mine from Superdrug last time but I saw the in Boots last week too, although for some reason they seem to be sold out most times.

Lansinoh nipple cream.  My sister calls this the cream of the nipple gods.  It costs a lot, for a good reason.  If you’re planning on breastfeeding, pack some, and if there’s a 3 for 2 offer, get it.

Dark towels.  Blood loss can be unexpected after birth and sitting on dark towels made me feel safer in my hospital bed.

Baby Bag…

A hat.  I had no idea I needed a hat the first time around (for the baby, not me) and the hospital kindly gave him a little blue one, but as soon as they’re cleaned up, the hospital generally likes you to put a hat on them to keep them snug and warm.  I bought (looking back) the most horrendous caterpillar hat off Etsy that looked nothing like the photo when it arrived for Lyoto.  Luckily I had cuter hats at home.  This time I’ve bought a Hershey Kiss hat, as a nod to our gestational diabetes this time.

Baby vests (or onesies/baby wife beaters as I was calling them after watching too much American TV).  These are especially cute on little boys, but I put one on them under their normal clothes whilst they are so tiny. I get mine from Mothercare in multi packs.

Babygros.  Again, I get the white ones from Mothercare for the hospital.  There’s nothing cuter to me than a baby in white.  I enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Going home outfit.  I buy a special going home outfit for them.  Jensen’s gingerbread baseball style romper was my favourite and from Mamas and Papas, with a matching hat (which his head was too big for) and snowsuit.  Our little one has a star covered suit that he’ll wear depending on the weather.

Nappies.  We cloth nappy but in hospital I use the teeny disposable ones so I don’t have laundry before I even get home.

Cotton wool. Plenty of people use wipes, but I love cotton wool balls and water.

Top and Tail bowl.  I got mine from Mamas and Papas years ago but it was HUGE.  I’m taking two little tupperware pots with me, marked top and tail.

Nappy bags.  Scented ones are nicer as you parade to the end of the ward to dispose of your little one’s stinky business…but now I’m wondering whether they said no nappy bags last time. Hmm.

I think that’s all for now….I’m off for a haircut this afternoon and then he’s free to make his entrance at any time!

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