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It’s nearly Easter Sunday and there’s practically an Easter egg shortage if you visit your local supermarket.  People are panic buying, it’s madness – and the worst thing is you know you haven’t got a hope of getting there before Friday and all that will be left are the ones you really wished weren’t.
I’ve only recently discovered my where-have-you-been-all-my-life chocolates, Raffaello – and the very sweet people at Ferrero Rocher asked me if I’d like to run a competition to give away everything in the picture below…
All you need to do is either comment below what your favourite Easter egg is – or who you’d give your winning chocolates to – or tweet us at @KeepUpJonesFami, with the hashtag #FerreroEaster!
The competition closes on Wednesday at 5pm – good luck.

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  1. My favourite Easter egg is anything that involves caramel! But if that giant Ferroro Rocher in your giveaway photo even slightly counts as an Easter egg, then that gets my vote!

  2. My favourite Easter eggs in the whole world are actually those yummy Ferrero mini eggs, they just melt in your mouth they are so yummy. I always go mad for them when I see them in the shops again, because you can only get them at Easter time and sadly not many shops stock them, so they can be hard to find, I am in fact drooling over them, just looking at this lovely photo.

    If I won this yummy prize, I would share it with my children. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, wishing you a lovely Easter.

  3. My favourite egg is the Cadburys Crunchie one. I adore the Crunchie bars – so this is ideal for me. I guess I'd share it, but probably only the egg chocolate part – saving the Crunchie parts for me 🙂

  4. I would give this amazing chocolate prize to my sisters and their families to celebrate Easter with!! Family is most important to celebrate and share with. Happy Easter!!!

  5. My favourite easter egg is the Cadbury Creame Eggs. If I won I would share with my son and his family

  6. I am hoping for a family catch up this Easter so, if we got lucky and won this yummy bundle, we would share it.

  7. My favourite easter egg is cadbury cream egg easter egg and if I won I would give it to my husband who is a big fan of ferrero rocher and he deserves a treat for all the amazing things that he does.

  8. Well its my hubby's birthday on Easter day & ferrero is his all time favourite chocolate so its totally perfect for him & i know he'd be over the moon with all this❤️‍?‍

  9. I would love a terry chocolate orange Easter egg but I've never seen one! Do they exist?? I wouldn't say no to a ferrero rocher one either though 🙂

  10. I'd give my winnings to my darling husband Paul – he loves Ferrero Rocher nearly as much as he loves me!

  11. I'm supposed to be on a diet, so I really shouldn't be eating too much chocolate, but I would love to share between my son, stepson and stepdaughter. It would be so lovely to treat them!

  12. I love Rolo Easter Eggs (have to eat my last Rolo chocolate as my favourite rockstar would probably slap a restraining order on me if I offered him my last – although he's American so probably doesn't know about giving the "person you love your last Rolo" and but as he's been in 2 massive rockbands he's probably used to mad fan girls lol. HOWEVER (sorry for that random comment) I would give my neighbour some of this as he's a nurse and works night quite a lot, but is always happy to give me a hand with my computer if I need it and don't take even a coffee as a "thank you". I would say the Easter Bunny had left him some. 🙂

  13. If I had the money to try it I think my favourite egg would be Hotel Chocolat's Ostrich Egg – however, as I don't and thus haven't, it's not fair to comment!

    My favourite egg used to be Maltesers – but that was in the good old days when the easter egg was actually full of bits of malteser (like the teaser bars they make now), not just a plain chocolate egg.

    Soo….I think my current favourite (of eggs I have actually tried and thus feel qualified to comment on!) would be Cadbury Mini Eggs egg because I love mini eggs, and they are so Easter-y 🙂 close run thing between Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs though!

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