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Jensen’s teeth don’t give in easily.  When he visited the dentist last time, we discovered that his adult teeth were coming in behind his baby teeth and that even though he had no wobbly teeth in sight, they were ready and waiting to spring into action.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been watching the cutest gap grow at the front of Jens’ smile with interest – thinking he might end up with a very wide and toothful grin, but on Friday night, just before storytime, it happened.  A little blond-haired, red checkered pj-wearing seven-year-old appeared at my bedroom door with a shocked look on his face and a teeny tooth in his hand, which went under the pillow ready for the tooth fairy [ours is called Starbright, in case you’re wondering] that night.  Our tooth fairy isn’t the best at flying and is rather haphazard like Woodstock from Peanuts, and so by the morning there was tooth fairy glitter everywhere, but a shiny £1 under Jensen’s pillow to say thank you for giving poor Starbright a job as he thought he was never going to get a tooth at the rate Jensen was going.

I promised Jensen I would take a photo of his tooth-free grin as his big boy tooth is already poking through already and he was worried we might not have a gappy little smile for long – and then the others piled in, and I have a cheeky photo that I absolutely adore of my boys for September, and they’re all looking forward to visiting the dentist now!  If you have little ones like me and you’re searching for Edinburgh dentists, or dentist Saffron Walden, I hear that they know the tooth fairy very well!

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