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Remember how fast your heart would beat, running so fast you nearly tumbled as your upper body overtook your lower?
Remember the wind swooshing past your ears and refreshing your clammy, Summer drenched face as the breeze whipped through your tangled, grass-peppered hair?
Remember who you were running to, with those pretty, crumpled weeds?
Your Mum.
Remember the smile on her face and the pride bursting from your heart as she carefully peeled them from your tiny palm?
Remember how amazing it was to see your buttercups, cowslips and daisies, cherished in a little chipped tea cup or jam jar, winking in the sunlight on the kitchen windowsill as your mum washed the dishes, smiling at them?
I loved that.  I remember.
I still want all of that.  I love my mum’s smile, it’s my heart’s home.

Spoil your Mum on Mother’s Day.  The Wildflowers Company can deliver grown up daisies – seasonal British flowers – to your mum, with a smile guaranteed.   Remind her that no matter how big you are, you’re still her little one on the inside, where it counts.

Do you have a favourite flower?  Don’t forget to link up with us this week and show us what you’ve been up to!

The Wildflowers Company sponsor Keep Up With The Jones Family

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  1. Actually, daisies are my favorite flower! I think they're a totally underrated flower. I love them exactly for the reasons you gave here, they remind me of those "wildflower" days of childhood.

  2. My kids do that all summer long when our flowers are in bloom or even the dandelions and clover. Your post makes me miss my Mom even more. I wish I could go home right now and hug her.

  3. I love lilacs, daisies, buttercups and black eyed Susans–and a couple others whose names are eluding me at the moment! I almost always send or give my Mom flowers for Mother's day.

  4. I love bluebells. It makes me sad that I don't have a nice Mum to spoil with flowers etc. But am thankful she taught me how not to parent and that I can be the best Mum possible to my kids. I love everything they give me including the crumpled up flowers 🙂

  5. aw arent they gorgeous, i always used to prefer giving my mu wild flowers, to me they looked so much prettier but we found out when i was a teen that it was an offence to pick such flowers like daffodils so i soon stopped x

  6. Wild flowers are lovely but sadly some have suffered terribly from over picking, Primroses are one such flower which along with lose of habitat have suffered greatly from being picked and even dug up and moved into peoples gardens. Sometimes it is best to stick to flowers that are grown for harvest and not pick them from the wild


    1. Dear Molly, please be assured that these are grown by farmers who specialise in growing wildflowers – that is, flowers which are native to this country and grown naturally instead of in hot houses. The company only uses sustainable British flowers from growers.

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