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Money is power – even to my three and five year olds.  It holds the power to purchase and bestow trinkets on people they love and although they have no idea of the value of money, they do understand that grown ups have it, use it, and that having it yourself makes you feel very grown up indeed.
I overheard Our Little Adventurer discussing Mother’s Day with Our Little Dragon on the way home from school yesterday.  In class they have been making “secret things” and Lyoto was sad that he hadn’t made anything secret, too.
As a mom, I treasure those gifts that are made by my boys’ little hands over those that are bought – mainly because I would rather that they children spend their pocket money on themselves, but also because given free range, we discovered that our boys would buy some very odd things indeed.  We have a birthday tradition for Dadda whereby each of our little ones has £5 to spend in a bargain store – and the items in the shopping basket at checkout are always amusing.  Finger skateboards and a microphone were amongst last year’s choices!
One of our favourite stores, Hawkins Bazaar, has a huge range of gifts under £10 and so last night we sat and did a little internet window shopping to cheer Lyoto up – and here are some of the little gifts that my boys picked out for me…

A – Flower Press
B – Magic Tree
C – Paper Flowers
D – Magician’s Rabbit and Wand Kit
E – Tin Lunch Box
F – Monkey Nail Polish Dryer
G – Cookie Monster Mug
H – Sugar Lollipop Kit

All of these gifts cost under £10, some much less – and it was so much fun to see what my boys picked out for me with such pride.  That magic tree – I used to ask for it every year from my parents!

As parents we love to spoil our children, but sometimes we forget how much pleasure they get from seeing us smile, too.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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