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This 5 minute fun post is collaborative – we’ve been gifted a 6 month subscription to CBeebies magazine for our time.

“Just give me five minutes!”  It’s never 5 minute fun time – always five minute wait-for-mommy-to-finish-time. Generally because they never stop talking to me and so I barely get an opportunity to think clearly, or get any work done let alone finished.  But still, I do feel guilty that I’ll play with them for a chunk and then then rest of the day I’m chasing my tail and very often fobbing them off.

For instance, I’m trying to do this now and Jensen wants to know what insects in the world can kill him.  The teacher in me has guided him into a mini research project for now, but now the other two are wanting to know just what he’s doing – but instead of asking him, they’re asking me. Naturally.  In case you’re wondering, there’s the bullet ant, bot ant, fleas….

Five minute fun popped into my email and my boys were delighted.  We’ve tried to do one of these every day, if not more as we made a little jar of the selections [and added a few of our own that they came up with].  The idea is that wherever you are, you can enjoy five minutes of connecting time with your children. Five minutes of complete devotion to an activity that will develop your little one’s knowledge and skills in line with the Early Years Curriculum – which is perfect for us as our boys are 2, 4 and 6.

Originally each activity we were sent didn’t need anything extra for us to be able to complete it, except for the colouring activities, but since we’re at home we added some of our own.  The five minute jar has pride of place on the table, ready for action.

Watch our twitter this week and next for our five minute activities!  We’ve added “design a killer insect” to our jar, in case you’re wondering…

five minute fun

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    1. It really can – five minutes is such a long time when it’s spent doing something that you’ve given your whole attention to. Today we are making Lego families from little bits of people!

  1. MY son says that all the time! The guilt button gets pressed every time they say “mommy play with me”. We usually find something to do like what you did here. I like to throw in some education as much as I can but still have fun!

  2. I love the idea of 5-minute fun! I’m glad that you don’t need anything extra to complete the fun activities. We have to sneak in those few minutes whenever possible – great idea!

  3. This is such a cool idea. I wish I had done something like this when my kids were little and living at home.

  4. This is great and something I would love to do here. Seems like I’m always so busy and at the end of the day feel guilty that I wish I had more time with the kiddos. Will have to try this.

  5. The idea alone for the 5 minute fun time is an excellent idea for the kids and parents to connect more. This is something I am going to have to share with my sister and my nieces for their little ones. Thanks for sharing this 5 fun time idea.

  6. Well, that sure sounds like a lot of fun. It’s a great way to incorporate play within the day without overdoing it. It’s also perfect for lightening the mood especially if your kid has had a rough day in school.

  7. My kids are all grown up now. Occasionally, I babysit my grandson. I would love to start this 5 minute fun with him until it becomes a daily activity for him. What a great way to bond and spark an interest for learning.

  8. It sure sounds like a lot of fun. It’s a great way to bond. I would like to try this…with the husband though because I don’t have kids 😉

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