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This week they’ve been entranced by The Grossery Gang Yucky Mart and the little collectables.  If they’ve collected one tiny plastic creature, they’re collected at least 200 of them I”m sure.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard about a new set of little people, creatures or aliens, but the boys love them and find a reason to believe that every new set is the best set ever.

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The Grossery Gang Yucky Mart has a very contemporary story to accompany the collection – they were created after big developments rendered the local Mart out of business.  The food essentially revolted and little food characters such as Putrid Pizza were born!  Naturally as it’s disgusting, the boys were instantly attracted to the story.


We were sent the Yucky Mart and some Grossery Gang packets for the boys to test out.  The little figures are rubbery but the paint has still stayed in place unlike the Mashems we’ve had before.  The details is much better than some of the little collectables we’ve invested in, and they have no nasty smell [hooray!]  The Yucky Mart has a trapdoor, and several little pieces of supermarket equipment like a freezer and checkout, which has a springboard to shoot the little gang off – the boys have spent quality time trying to launch their Grossery Gang into the slushy on the Yucky Mart.


The boys loved all of the places they could store the food in the equipment, and that they could put the Grossery Gang on their fingers like puppets as they were stretchy.  They were a huge hit and later in the game, Thor and Batman figures came to the Yucky Mart and war ensued.

the grossery gang playset

My Momopinion [yes, that’s a word I’m sure].  Personally, I do like these sets.  They’re engaging and the boys will play together with them for quite some time in an imaginary world which is fantastic.  The only fault I found was that the door to the Yucky Mart came off very easily and I fear that will happen again and be lost soon.


On the flip side, I wish they weren’t all £2.50-£3.00 per packet.  Make them £1 and with three boys I’d happily put my hand in my pocket every single shopping trip for them to collect them.  At an average of £3 a shot, that’s nearly £10 before I even put a loaf of bread in my basket, and so I avoid buying them.

Sadly, the boys’ interest wanes pretty quickly because I just can’t afford to sustain their collection at £10 a week, and they disappear to the bottom of the garden.  It’s a shame because I’m sure they would love a full collection of something – but 150 collectables means quite an investment – and the risk of repeats means money is wasted on the latest mini craze, unless you have a friend who is collecting too.  Maybe if the packets were transparent like Disney Tsum Tsums, I would feel differently.

grossery gangWe received a Yucky Mart and four Grossery Gang character sets to test in return for our honest opinion.

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