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**We were gifted the Gazillion Bubbles Machines**

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The weather really held out for Easter except for a few days this year – and the boys were really glad because they got a chance to try out the new Gazillion Bubbles machines! Gazillion sent us two new products, the Gazillion Bubble Rush and the Gazillion Bubble Blaster.


This was a completely new toy that the boys had never seen before [we have other Gazillion machines we love] and were blown away by it. Also, I much prefer being hit by bubbles than Nerf bullets and so it was my favourite too. Battery operated too, the blue bubble solution [there are blue and green ones so you can tell them apart for each machine] bottle fits like a magazine under the blaster and once the button is pressed to start the motor, the trigger needs to be pressed to open the bubble making jaws. It was really noisy, but a lot of fun and guaranteed to be used over and over this summer. The bubbles were HUGE! Thankfully it’s easy to reload with the bubble solution so I can leave the boys to it in the backgarden!


The Bubble Rush was really easy to operate [we all know how I dread having to take things apart and put them together with a million instructions] and simple to get ready.

It’s battery operated [not included, so you will need a narrow screwdriver] and the Bubble Rush machine is in three parts. Cleverly this time it also catches the leftover bubble solution in a middle tray with a little lip so it can be poured back into the bottle and saved. I LOVE this feature.

To start the machine, the little bottle of bubble solution needs to be placed over the top spike with a special value attached so it doesn’t all just glug into the machine and overflow. Once it’s on, press the button on the machine and away you go! We have never, ever seen so many bubbles. Apologies if you saw our back garden dance party at Granny’s with all the cousins, it got a bit mad in the end….

BEFORE you all wonder what on earth is going on with my Bubble Rush machine, let me tell you. The top bit where you’re supposed to pop the little bottle to sensible trickle the solution into the machine? I left it at home and so I ended up just pouring the solution in on a more regular basis. Normally, you have the little bottle upside down on the machine.

We love Gazillion products – they’re perfect for summer, parties and little people who are just fascinated by them. Thank you, Gazillion, for making our Easter fun!

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