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Living in Hampshire, we’re used to the Peppa Pig hype – and this Christmas Baby Hero was completely beside himself to get some Peppa and friends Weebles to play with.  Today we were let loose with the new Grandpa Pig’s Boat Construction kit.

There are instructions inside, along with bricks to build the boat, and stickers to decorate it.

Aimed at little ones 18 months and up [so, everyone in our family], the boys set to it and followed the instructions.  When assembled, it did look like this…

A few customisations later, and it looked a little different.
We Love…
Being able to customise the boat with little stickers.  The boys loved sticking starfish everywhere.
The boat on wheels.  Everything is better mobile!
Grandpa Pig is sturdy and his little hands are c shaped. Other Peppa Pig figures have had quite frail and spiky limbs which has meant that most of our Peppa Pig community has an arm missing.
We Wish…
That the bricks didn’t fall apart as easily.  The boat constantly came to pieces during normal play with even Baby Hero.
That the boat came with two characters so that Grandpa wasn’t sailing the seas alone [with his 2D Polly] and more than one person could play along.
Grandpa’s boat is available on Amazon for £19.99 – perfect for little piggies!

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