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Generally when it comes to thinking of a gift for my own Valentine, I come upstuck, and so this year I’ve gathered together our favourite ideas for treating the men in our lives on February 14th.
These are ideas I would proudly give to my husband, or even my dad – because little ones like to buy presents for dads too, to let them know how loved they are.

This was voted the favourite in our household.  The Carnivore club offers a fantastic feast on a monthly basis, for the dinosaurs in your family.  My husband thought it was far better than the beauty and craft boxes he sees drifting in throughout the year and thoroughly recommended this one.  Full of artisan food and flavours that you don’t find in the supermarkets often, this is made by people who know their business when it comes to all things carniverous.

The iconic Italian gold chocolates are back with a romantic design this year – the sweetest little heart candy dish that looks just as it should.  These Fererro Rocher are my dad’s favourites – you can ask any one of his eight grandchildren and they all will say the same – although Hero just points and shouts, “GANDAD”, then helps him to eat them all up.

This is the most coveted piece of household furnishing ever.  An iBed lap desk from I Just Love It.  No more propping up the iPad whilst you try and eat your toast or spaghetti bolognese and catch up on what’s going on.  The boys even sit side by side and watch YouTube together on this one. Fitted with a beanbag bottom for comfort, your choice of phrase is engraved on the wood for the personal touch. We absolutely love this.

This is going to sound sexist, but this is the tool that men [especially dads] dream of.  A six in one multitool that can fit on your keying!  The Scott & Lawson 6-in-1 pocket tool is perfect for every little emergency when you’re out and about.

We’re a Star Wars obsessed family and so I absolutely love this.  It’s a brilliant gift and will save my husband hours of grumbling time that the boys [and I] have left rubbish in the car.   The R2D2 car bin from Paladone means that the boys will enjoy feeding the little robot bin instead of flinging their wrappers everywhere.

Whenever I had no idea what to buy my dad as a little girl, I bought a razor.  He always said thank you and probably hated getting them, but this new swish design from Gilette, the Fusion ProShield with Flexball technology, means that your Valentine will be kissably smooth afterwards!

If it’s not Star Wars, it has to be Batman.  The Batman gadget pen is everything my own husband ever wanted in a pen – ruler, screwdriver, touchscreen stylus – even a spirit level!

and finally, it’s number…

Beautiful, simple, love letters.  Hang them somewhere your Valentine will notice them – they’re beautifully crafted, reusable and perfect for decorating the Valentine dinner tablescape.  You can buy yours at Create, Gift, Love.

With only a week to go until Valentine’s Day, happy shopping!

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