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This is a review. We were sent the Hexbug Lil’ Nature Babies Sura the Polar Bear set to review. All opinions are our own.

Hexbugs are some of the boys favourite toys – unpredictable little creatures that scuttle [and swim] around the house and cause me no end of mischief. We have quite a diverse collection of them and so we were very excited to be sent the Hexbug Lil’ Nature Babies set to try out.

Hexbug Lil' Nature Babies
Hexbug Lil' Nature Babies playset

The idea behind the toys is for children to be able to explore the world and learn more about their favourite endangered animals. We were sent the Lil’ Nature Babies Icy Cavern featuring Sura the Polar Bear. Yotie LOVES bears, and was so excited to get it open and start playing. Sura also comes with Sally the Seal and Sid the Salmon to play with.

Sura the Polar bear is a sensory bear – covered in rubber, reacting and responding to movent and pressure. Sura snores when laid down and chatters when pressed on her back and head. In total, she makes at least 20 noises but the boys are most fond of the snoring.

The Lil’ Nature Babies characters arrive in what are described as interactive environments, each inspired by where their habitat is – Sura has an icy cavern to live in and the glacial habitat has a secret door which can be opened to reveal a slide. Sura also has a little wobbly iceberg, and an iceberg which can be pressed on to illuminate the cavern with magical Northern Lights.

There are more playsets in the range which can all be connected by the jagged edge on each. You can collect Lin the Panda Bear, Waya the Gray Wolf, Sami the Snow Leopard and Zane the Black Rhino aswell as Sura.

Hexbugs lil nature babies playset sura the polar bear

We loved that this playset was ready to go straight out of the box. Sura had batteries already installed and the playset was in one piece. This is always a winner in our house.

Our overall feeling was that Sura is cute, the playset is beautifully made and the northern lights in the playset are so pretty – the boys love using it at night as a soft glow whilst they go to sleep. Sadly, they were really confused as to why, with Sura being a Hexbug, she didn’t move. They placed her in the little ice pond end pressed her, expecting movement and were quite crestfallen when I explained she only made noises. I had to admit that for the price [£24.99 RRP] I was expecting more from Hexbug – a global leader in technology, robotics, and STEM education, and a brand which is well known for amazing and engaging toys. The word Hexbug in our house means excitement – and regrettably, the Hexbg Lil’ Nature Babies playset didn’t deliver on this front, although it is beautifully made and a very attractive toy and we’re very happy to have had the opportunity to play with it.

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