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We were gifted this AquaPlay LockBox from Smoby to play with and review.

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Smoby Aquaplay lockbox

Boy, it’s been hot. HOT. Unusually hot here in the UK this Summer, and whilst we’ve been staying at home the boys have been wanting to play out in the garden but feeling like they’re being baked alive at the same time. When we received the Smoby AquaPlay LockBox they were super happy that they were going to be able to play with water and cool off.

aquaplay lockbox water toy smoby

Shaped like a suitcase, we took it to Granny and Grandad’s, and then Nanny and Grandad’s gardens, so have fun with. The LockBox unclips to then be joined together to make what’s effectively a mini canal system with locks and a pump, and a crane. A little hippo comes in the set with a boat and cargo, and everyone gets to learn how to move water through locks and move Hippo about the waterways to her heart’s content.

aquaplay lockbox water toy smoby garden toy

AquaPlay LockBox Details:

  • 1x AquaPlay LockBox with 27 accessories
  • Fill the box with water to play and learn
  • Clever locks change the water level to help boats through th
  • With a splashy water mill, working crane and floating boat
  • Fold up the box to take on the go
  • Non-toxic, recyclable material
  • Dimensions: 85L x 65W x 22Hcm

It’s pretty big and sturdy, and when taken apart is easy to drain. We never took ours apart again, just tipped it out.

aquaplay lockbox water toy smoby pump

What we loved about Smoby’s AquaPlay LockBox

This is a toy which really grew on us. At first, I didn’t think it would keep them very entertained – but instead, at Grandad’s BBQ, it kept everyone entertained in the sweltering [and I can say that as we’re not used to this heat at all] afternoon whilst the plancha was grilling our dinner. Pumping and moving the water around the different parts was much more fun for people [including grown ups] than I could have imagined and the water was kept mostly inside the LockBox which was a refreshing change. Usually I need to man a lifeboat to rescue my kids when there’s waterplay afoot.

aquaplay lockbox water toy smoby water play

What we wish was better…

I’m a huge fan of clear instructions with words and pictures when it comes to assembling toys – especially if it’s just me doing it. Sadly the instructions were pretty vague and we were trying to figure out from the front of the box where different pieces went and how to put them together. Honestly I wasn’t a happy bunny in the 28 degree heat and four kids frantic to play with the water, but once it’s assembled, it’s assembled well.

aquaplay lockbox water toy smoby hippo canal

We might have it wrong, but the pump to move the water doesn’t actually connect properly to any part of the lockbox which makes it awkward to use for little hands. Our older boys were fine with it but Hero couldn’t operate it properly as it was falling about in the water each time he pumped.

aquaplay lockbox water toy smoby

There’s only one character and one vessel – which always frustrates me with toys. Children enjoy interaction and having one boat and one character means arguments. We substituted Duplo people.

aquaplay lockbox water toy smoby

Packing Away

Reassembling the LockBox has been an experience in itself – and not without challenges. I decided against locking it all back up again and honestly, ours is actually in pieces in the garden as it’s been in use for the frogs [don’t ask, but it was brilliant]. The problems we had were that the connecting pieces were difficult to pull off and the little red locking clips went astray from the windowsill. So ours remains open and ready for more play, which is fine. I’d rather have it open and aired when there’s water involved – and the boys can fill it by themselves too whenever they want to.

You can buy your Smoby AquaPlay Lockbox from Argos and other great retailers!

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