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Toffee the Pony Emotion Pets
Jensen and Toffee the Pony

Interactive toys are everything to the boys. Jensen loves the small pug-like dogs that he can pretend are real, Lyoto falls in love with every bear he sees and Hero loves everything that he can feed. Enter Toffee the Pony, an Emotion Pet from Flair.

There are horses at the bottom of Nanny and Grandad’s garden and although thankfully none of them has ever asked for a pet horse, they do love them and welcomed Toffee into our home as a new member.

Feeding and Caring for Toffee the Pony
Brush Toffee the Pony’s Back and Feed Carrots


The box was really easy to open for a change. There was no wrestling and a few quick snips of the sellotape, Toffee and accessories were free. Toffee comes with a cute little carrot and a brush. The brush is solid and is not able to actually brush Toffee, but is very sweet nonetheless.


Toffee is an animatronic toy and makes movements, noises and sounds, having seven interactive functions. Standing at 45cm, Toffee is around 35cm tall when sitting and is just adorable. The boys were in pieces over the cuteness.

Each time you play, Toffee wakes up in various moods that as Toffee’s owner, you need to decipher as best you can. Does Toffee need hugs, food, brushing? Loud noises scare Toffee also and so calming down, as with real horses, is necessary. Hero has cuddled and “Shhhhh”ed Toffee to try and restore calm. The scaring happens most often when the boys have been playing with Toffee and one of them has banged something loudly – clapping seems to work too.

Feeding Toffee mesmerises Hero. He sat starting at Toffee feeding the little plastic carrot and listening to the nibbly munching noises and stroking Toffee’s tufty mane.

Toffee has a solid body but floppy legs which mean you can lie toffee anywhere and cuddle without having a pony shaped leg digging into you. Toffee feels very sturdy as far as animatronic toys go and at around £40 is a steal for an animatronic toy. We have Bruno the Bear from a few years ago and he still works now and so we’re putting our money on Toffee being a toy with a long life too.

Close up of Toffee the Pony
Close Up Toffee the Pony, relaxing



First off, batteries. Toffee the Pony does not come with them already inserted and so needs 2 AA batteries. This is a huge pain in the bottom for me as a parent. When a toy as spectacular as Toffee arrives and your children are practically falling over themselves to hug and play with it, telling said over-excited child that they have to wait whilst you pop down to the garage for some batteries – or even worse, that they have to wait until the garage is open at Christmas for you to get some – and then wait a bit longer whilst you find the Phillips head screwdriver and faff about a bit longer, isn’t fun for anyone. Not only that, but on Toffee it’s difficult to get into the battery compartment and switch the Pony on – but depending on whether you have an inquisitive child or not makes this a good or bad thing, hahaha.


So once the batteries are in, switch to the on position and press a button at the top of Toffee’s tail for a few seconds and Toffee should come to life.


Toffee is a sweet, cute little pony who doesn’t take up as much space as most of the animatronic toys on the market today. We do wish that there was a little more action such as mouth movement for the carrot, but Toffee’s noises are realistic and Toffee has made a great companion for bedtime cuddles. We wouldn’t choose her over other toys we’ve played with such as Tyler the Tiger – but then the price point isn’t equal, which makes Toffee a great gift for those children who have never had an animatronic pet before.

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