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Rusty Rivets Botosaur Toy Dinosaur

This has got to be one of the cutest toys we have ever had.  I love dinosaur toys, but this one outdid itself. It’s a Rusty Rivets Botasaur.  If your children haven’t seen Rusty Rivets – or you haven’t – it’s an animated series about a little boy called Rusty Rivets.  He’s an engineering genius who repurposes machine bits to make different gadgets and solve problems.  His catchphrase is, “Modify, customize, Rustify!” and he works his engineering magic with friends Ruby and Botasaur, and some small little robots called The Bits.  There’s also a really catchy tune which I now can’t get out of my head.

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We have the Rusty Rivets Botasaur to play with this week.  He’s no ordinary toy – you can take him apart and make him and customise him too!  Lyoto was so excited to get him out of the box, and even though he isn’t a Raptor [Lyoto loves Raptors at the moment] he loves him completely.  Once built, you can bring Botasaur to life by pressing the button on the back of his head and his eyes will light up and flash whilst he roars Botasaur noises! There are a few different ways to make him, and if you have other Build Me Rivet Systems, you can join them to create even more variations!  There are 3 x LR44 batteries needed to operate him (included) and Rusty Rivets Botasaur is suitable for ages 3 years and over.

Rusty Rivets Botosaur

Rusty Rivets toys botasaur

That he can be changed over and posed in different ways – the boys love taking him apart and rearranging him.  At the moment he’s acrobatic Botasaur.

How he looks just like the real Botasaur – very adorable.

His little light-up blue eyes and Botasaur noises!

That the batteries are included – this means no hunting for the screwdriver and batteries before you can play!

That there were a few more parts or accessories to him, that would be fun.

He was a little more flexible – the boys worry they will snap him when they change his wheels over.

We were sent the Rusty Rivets Botasaur in return for a review

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