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We love, love, LOVE Schleich. Last month we were playing with the Croco Jungle Research Station and this month, Schleich Eldrador Creatures have landed! We have the Lava Scorpion and Ice Griffin – two large, beautiful characters that Lyoto and Jensen fell instantly in love with. Sad to say that Hero didn’t get a look in this time…


Schleich Eldrador Lava Scorpion

Lyoto’s eyes literally lit up when he saw the Lava Scorpion. It arrived in two parts – the tail attaches to the box with a ball joint and is easy to pop in. The only complaint he has is that the tail won’t reach the mouth which he’d love, and when he tries it keeps popping off. Anyhow, that’s a minor point and he LOVES it. It’s sturdy, washable and still looks amazing and can survive everything that the boys’ play outdoors can throw at it. It’s awesome. And more are on his Father Christmas list to grow his collection.

According to Schleich, Lava Scorpion is incredibly dangerous and fears nothing and no one. It is very patient, lurking, well hidden in the rugged rocks of the lava world, waiting to attack its victims. Lava Scorpion’s shell is made from hard, cooled lava stone, but liquid hot lava bubbles inside him. If an enemy gets too close to it, it attacks them without warning with his red-hot, ultra-strong pincers and stinger!

Schleich Eldrador Ice Griffin

There are no prizes for guessing why Jensen, Harry Potter fan extreme, wanted to play with this toy. He saw Buckbeak in his head and was transfixed. A huge Buckbeak of his own to play with. Like the Ice Scorpion, the wings pop in and out with a ball joint socket fitting. His beak is icy blue plastic which looks like Ie, as well as his tail – and his wings are special too. He’s hugely loved. Both of the Schleich Eldrador Creatures also look gorgeous on the bookcase too. We can’t recommend them enough.

According to Schleich, although he looks adorable, The Ice Griffin has several weapons: pointy claws to pierce armour, a sharp, pecking beak, six razor-sharp ice feathers on each of its mighty wings to keep enemies away and a deafening caw. He’s a formidable opponent….but will drop everything for some frozen squid [much like Jensen, except he prefers his defrosted]…

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