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Bikes are a huge business with our boys lately. Whilst previously they’ve not been that fussed about getting out and about on two wheels, for some reason now it’s cooler weather they feel the need to be out, spinning about.  Poor Hero was previously left wandering behind them or being wheeled along in his stroller, but this week his misery at being the smallest, wheel-less one of the gang was lifted.  Enter the Yvolution Strolly.

If you could see little Hero, dragging his biggest brother’s old red balance bike with deflated wheels up and down the muddy slopes of our garden, singing, “WHEEEE!!!” to himself as he descends, then heaving it back up the slope to try again with little baby huffs and puffs, you’d know how much he so desperately wants a bicycle like his idols.  We were asked if we’d like to review the Yvolution Strolly and it made his biggest Autumn wishes come true.

Yvolution strolly

There are three Strolly vehicles in the collection – the Spin, Flippa and Compact.  We received the Compact, which as the name suggests means that it folds up neatly to be transported in the boot of a car.  I left the mister to assemble it and when I returned from grocery shopping, it was done and there had been no obscenities spoken.  The boys grabbed their scooters and we all headed out to take a little Sunday stroll.

Yvolution strolly

Yvolution strolly

Here’s what we thought of the Yvolution Strolly Compact.


The collapsibility of it – I can take it in the car on days out when it’s just me and Hero.

The padding, grips, seating – everything is very comfortable for little ones.

It steers so easily, and mounts and dismounts the kerb without tipping.

The solid wheels – no punctures here!

There’s a little bag and cup holder for storage.

This will grow with Hero.

The durable feel of the bicycle. It’s not flimsy, and when tipped back by the parent handle it doesn’t feel as though it will snap off as others have.

That as the parent steers, the handlebars turn also – getting your little one used to which was to steer as they grow up and begin to ride independently.

The pram-like hood.  It folds back brilliantly and reaches over the top for sun and rain protection.


That the little bag for storage had a double zip so that larger items could be stored even if they poked out of the top of the bag.

The cup holder was more horizontal, and wider. None of our water bottles would fit in it.

That the seat reclined – poor Hero exhausted himself and fell asleep, slumping to the side with a lolling head.  Even a slightly reclining seat would be brilliant.

We were sent our Strolly for the purposes of this review – you can buy yours online here.

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