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There’s hardly a parent I know who hasn’t been poked awake or stared in the face until awake – or had their eyelids lifted by an overeager son or daughter, keen to get the day started.  There’s also hardly a parent that I know with children that gaily skip up the wooden hill to bed each night instead of stating that they hate bedtime, it’s boring, they’re hungry, it’s too light out, it’s not time yet, they need a drink, need the toilet, need to just not-be-going-to-bed yet.  The possibility of being able to have them sleep tight all night sounds like a beautiful yet whimsical concept.

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Bedtime isn’t fun. Mornings aren’t that much fun either if like me you’re woken each and every morning [besides this weekend for me, I was on a press trip in Germany, living the crazily indulgent life of a person who sleeps more than four hours a night] by a prod in the retina or a stamp on the hair, causing intense pain as their body weight sinking into the pillow makes a fantastic attempt to tear my scalp off.

Sleep Tight All Night Bear Review Goldenbear Toys

We’ve tried routines.  If I hear one more person preach about how miraculous their children are because they are just so awesome at sticking to their routines, I will personally start an oompah band outside their home at 5am.  You see, much like Anna in Frozen, when the sky is awake, my boys are awake.  Well, 2/3 of them anyway. Hero is still a bedtime loving boy – especially in my lovely Pip Studio bedding.  We’ve tried black-out blinds. We’ve tried mobiles. We’ve tried just plain telling them that it’s time for bed/not to get up.

We were rather keen [read: desperate] to see if Golden Bear Toys’ Sleep Tight All Night Bear could work some magic in the Jones boys’ lives.  We took him upstairs and showed him to the boys, and said he was going to be able to help them know when to sleep and when to get up in the morning.  The bigger two were very excited at the idea of a magic bear who knows what time it is – however, one look at Bear and Hero fell instantly in love with him.

Sleep Tight All Night Bear Review Goldenbear Toys

Now “MINE Bear” goes everywhere with him, tightly tucked under his arm…and he looks adorable.  Even on the school run, tucked in with his blanket.  His big brothers let him get away with it in the day, but as Hero sleeps with mommy at night, Sleep Tight All Night Bear was free to return to his big boy bed and sleep in with Jensen and Lyoto who hold a paw each during story time with Daddy.

Sleep Tight All Night Bear is pretty amazing.  He’s [or she’s – we’re a boy household and so most things are male here] a cuddly bedtime friend with a difference.  You see, “MINE Bear” has an internal clock with a light which glows red or green through to his tummy, depending on the time of day.  Here’s how he works…

There are two modes – daytime and nighttime.

In daytime setting, if you squeeze your Sleep Tight All Night Bear’s tummy, he glows green and chatters to you, saying sweet phrases like he needs a hug and that you’re his best friend.  He has a calm voice which isn’t creepy unlike the hide and seek bunny Jensen had as a child that freaked even us out with his threats of coming to find us.

Night Time
In nighttime setting, Sleep Tight All Night Bear has the ability to be programmed for 12 hours of sleep.  At the beginning of the chosen “nighttime” hours, Bear glows red and plays from a variety of soothing sounds.  There’s the option of no sound at all, alongside falling raindrops, soothing surf, gentle heartbeat, whispering waterfall and comforting crickets.  After 15 minutes, as the light dims and the noises stop, Bear can still be activated in the night with a squeeze and the light will come back on along with five minutes of low soothing noises.
At the end of the nighttime hours, Bear’s tummy becomes green when squeezed – and your little people know it’s acceptable to get up and have fun!

Sleep Tight All Night Bear Review Goldenbear Toys

Sleep Tight All Night Bear Review Goldenbear Toys
The Sleep Tight All Night series includes different characters that you can choose from on their website, and each toy also has brilliant extra features – there are two volume settings, and a parental lock for the timer.  I had no idea that green inhibited sleep, whereas red preserves night vision and doesn’t disrupt the body clock.  Anyhow, we love Sleep Tight All Night Bear – and we’ve got one to give away!  Just tell me your favourite sleep tip in the comments below – or which Sleep Tight All Night Character is your favourite!

We were sent the #SleepTightAllNight bear for the purposes of this review by @goldenbeartoys.

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  1. Bear would definitely be a big hit with our 2 boys aged 4 and 2, who seem to think if the sun’s just peeping up over the sea (we live in Lowestoft, the most easterly point) it’s time for the whole house to wake up and go ?

  2. Not sure I have a sleep tip, my youngest is still a terrible sleeper. Would love to give this a go, the puppy is our favourite!

  3. The night time bear is so cute. Giving my baby a bath before bed and dimming the lights seems to do the trick. She also loves listening to her mobile above her cot.

  4. We’ve have a pair of bedtime friends TedTed and Cedric. TedTed is a head on a fabric square and Cedric seahorse lights up,and plays relaxing tunes. They seem to be the perfect soothing pairing ❤️

  5. Keep in the mind the motto “one day I will sleep through the night, tonight is not that night” & then keep trying everything until you find what works!

    I would love to win this bear it really looks brilliant and we too suffer ridiculously early morning & frequent night waking! x

  6. Sleep Tip: Try to keep it calm and relaxed before bed and try to do the same getting ready for bed routine every night so they get the idea that it’s now time for sleeps <3

  7. This looks amazing! The Puppy is gorgeous.

    My sleep tip is: ‘Always be optimistic! Tonight could be the night they sleep through till morning.’

    A Sleep Tight All Night character would definitely help with this! Thank you!

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