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Our Schleich collection is one of my boys’ favourite toy sets, ever.  As I said before, we were late to the party in discovering these amazing toys and so Hero is making up for lost time with them.  We have a Watering Hole here that’s played with almost daily, and some of the animals are never put away at all.

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We love Schleich because there’s no backstory to any of the animals or playsets they create, and so they can take on any storyline that they dream up, and they’re fantastically realistic.  This week they’ve been absolutely thrilled to be playing with the Schleich Big Farm Playset.  I’m always happy when Schleich toys arrive because the boys are so engrossed in playing with them that it’s lovely to watch – and I get to drink a cup of tea without it going cold.

Schleich Big Farm playset animals

The Schleich Big Farm Playset arrived in a huge box, and complete with instruction booklet took me around 50 minutes to put together, slotting and snapping pieces together.  The Schleich Big Farm Playset comes complete with a farmer, cow and calf, a pig and farming accessories to play with.  The rooftops are removable and stand alone on stilts which create extra playing areas for large groups of children to join in with.

We took ours outside to play in the fresh air so that we got the real farm feeling…and an hour later the skies opened and soaked us so much that we had to run for cover.

Schleich Big Farm playset animals

Schleich Big Farm playset animals   Schleich Big Farm playset animals


That these are all weather toys – no stickers means that there’s no risk of them being ruined when the skies open as they did today.

The textures on the buildings are so realistic – they really add to the quality of the toys.

How the set can essentially double in size by removing the rooftops to create more farm buildings

That the building has so many little features to it for little hands to explore – sliding doors, opening pens, ladders.

The pulley – it worked fantastically and it’s something that my boys haven’t seen in a toy before.

That so many children can play with this set due to it’s extendable size.


Our farmer had been a little more sturdy – his arm fell off [I’m not quite sure how].

The two base pieces clicked together – ours work apart as they don’t seem to connect.

There had been some more baby animals with the farm set – children love baby animals and my boys are no different.  Everyone wanted to be “Mini Moo” as he was named.

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  1. We love Schleich toys because they are good quality and very realistic. It’s also nice that they are not just tie-in merchandise for a cartoon or film.

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