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It’s piddling down here in Hampshire and I really should have made the most of the dry weather on Saturday but I didn’t. Now we have a whole week of rain scheduled ahead of us and normally I’d be a bit meh about it all, but this week we were sent a whole box of fun. Inside were products from the Spirograph, Mini Delices and Plasticine ranges. Three very happy boys…and happy me, since I had a Spirograph when I was a child and ADORED it. All those coloured pens and pretty patterns…. Anyhow, if you’re at home and it’s soggy outdoors, here’s what we got up to.


Spirograph, if I remember clearly enough, was loved very much by my own mom when Father Christmas bought it for me. I remember all of the different coloured pens and my mom swirling the different gear like discs around to make the patterns. Now though, there’s a SCRATCH and SHIMMER set with special rainbow and sparkle paper, and it’s all kinds of amazing. There are even die cut stickers in there that you can design and add to gifts for people! We have the Scratch and Shimmer set, and the Deluxe Set too. We’re looking at 29 different Spirograph pieces between those two sets. Woo hoo!

Spirograph Scratch and Shimmer Set


Melty chocolate is a favourite in our home. The three of them are like small vultures watching from their nearby perch when the bowl comes out of the microwave.

Mini Delices Chocolate Workshop and Eclair Station
Preparing the Mini Delices Chocolate Workshop for Play

I always wanted a set like this when I was little, and so it was hard to give up control to the boys because clearly, this was supposed to be mine. In our box of fun from Flair, we have the Mini Eclairs Set and the 4 in 1 Chocolate Workshop. Our favourite was the Chocolate Workshop – we got out all our sprinkles and made crunchy, muncy little lollipops and bear chocolates.


You’ll have seen the Plasticine Noodle Doodle packs in the boys’ Boo Baskets this year. Anything they can mould into their own creations goes down well and although they couldn’t bake this like they usually do with clay, they could do some stop animation. Move over, Nick Park. Lyoto’s movie is currently at 450 frames. Let that sink in. 4-5-0. That’s dedication – and none of the boys mentioned Fortnite for a whole afternoon until bedtime.

We have the Movie Maker Studio, and a toolbox kit with tools and lots of plasticine, and the Noodle Doodle Kits too. We are in Plasticine heaven. Before you cringe, my rug is ruined already and we have wooden flooring underneath so it’s all good here. Plasticine does not phase me.

Do you remember any toys from your childhood? Which were your favourites?

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