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Since our long haul holiday was cancelled due to the current pandemic, let’s just say that holiday time has been on my mind…a lot. As Winter is creeping closer, all I can think about are making memories away from home – probably because we’ve been at home for the past 8 months – and the biggest memories can be made on the smallest of adventures. So this is kind of my hopeful bucket list of short getaways – ideas for 2021. And maybe 2022, depending on what’s still going on in the world.

Short getaway ideas

Long vacations are delightful, but sadly we don’t always have the time to really indulge our traveling urges. With jobs, family, and all the responsibilities of day-to-day life peering over our shoulders it can seem almost impossible to find the time to get away for an exciting trip.

This is why short getaways can be completely brilliant – a break where you just chuck a few things into a rucksack and head off for a few days. There are plenty of awesome options for weekend breaks and short trips that can help scratch the travel itch…at least until your next proper chunk of vacation time! Here are a few short getaway ideas to get you inspired.

Take a short cruise

Now I know you might be thinking that a cruise is a crazy idea for a short getaway, but short cruises are great if you don’t have a lot of time and want to get as much out of your vacation as possible! Overnight or weekend cruises give you a touch of luxury, some really wonderful dining options, and the chance to see and explore a few beautiful destinations – all without too much effort on your part! We live in Southampton and see the beautiful ships docking before embarking on their next adventure. With 2, 4 and 5 night cruises available, you can head to destinations like the Bahamas, the Pacific Northwest, and even the Caribbean, without eating into too much of your vacation allowance. We did this on honeymoon and sailed to Nassau and Castaway Cay, for three nights. It was bliss and the perfect length of time to feel relaxed and away from it all.

Try a city break

Exploring a new city over a weekend is a tried and tested short getaway option, and a great way to experience culture, fine dining, and great nightlife. With just 48 hours in a new city you can take in museums and art galleries, explore innovative and exciting new restaurants, drink in swanky cocktail bars, and just wander the streets exploring the architecture and everyday life of a new city. Treat yourself to a bit of luxury with a fancy hotel or spa, and you’ve got a pretty perfect weekend break!

Go camping in a National Park

If adventure in the great outdoors is more your thing, [and it is ours] why not try a few days camping in one of the USA’s magnificent National Parks! Wherever you are in the country, chances are you won’t be far from some majestic landscapes and picturesque scenery, so grab your tent, camping stove, and mosquito repellent, and head out on the trails to explore.

Relax in Iceland 
Iceland is a few hours away, at least from where I live. But the idea of a family camping trip in Iceland, like the one above, sounds chaotic fun with the kids and all. Trust your planning and booking skills especially during peak season to get the best deals. For starters, travel in the coziest campervan for a truly relaxing getaway with the family. 

Adventure is always just around the corner. I’d love to hear about your short getaways!

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