Make Your Mum Smile With TruPrint!

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In two weeks’ time the Jones family will be spinning their wheels along the motorway on their way up to the Midlands to spend some very special time with my side of the family.  It’s my nephew’s birthday, my birthday, my parents’ 40th anniversary [also known as mum wants a medal-iversary] and one of my favourite days of the year… Mother’s Day.

Some people love it, some people hate it.  Some people are completely indifferent to it.  I’m firmly, both feet jammed as tightly as they can be, into the LOVE it camp.  I pitched my tent the day Jensen came into the world.  I love being a momma.  I love that now two of my boys are big enough to make little cards with words and pictures on them for me, and that they know how much I lub [love] flowies [flowers] as Lyoto says.  Their cards are just the best.  I look forward to them the most – and it’s probably because of my own mom.

When I was little I remember her warning me, every Mother’s Day, that I was not to buy her flowers.  Ever.  She was determined that I wouldn’t spent any of my pocket money on flowers on Mother’s Day because she didn’t like the way our local florists hiked their prices up to make more money out of the love little ones [and big ones!] had for their mums.

So I used to make things for my mum, out of sticky tape and bits of paper – and this year is no exception.  My mum loves photographs, just as I do – again, probably because I’ve spent more time than I can remember sat on the floor, crosslegged at my parents’ house, rifling through their old photos to relive memories of my childhood, and so gifts to add to the collection are always loved.

I love to see the smiles on our faces from special and social occasions – New Year’s Eve, dressed in streamers and party hats at the social club with my Granny; Summertime garden shots of four year old me eating pea shells and chasing my granny’s collie dog along the worn down, winding grass path, dressed in just my pants with a handkerchief tied on my head.  All of these memories would have been lost had it not been for someone who loved me, clicking a button and capturing my life in pixels.

My mum will have celebrated 39 years of being a mum to me when we meet up.  That’s a whole lot of burping, cuddling, tear wiping, knee patching and magic making that she’s done in my life.  And she’s still wiping my tears even now.  I don’t know what I’d do without my mum – and I’ve had to contemplate that more times in my life that I’d already have liked to – and if you met her, you’d understand.  She’s amazing.

I want my boys to feel the same way about me – and to be able to see me when they sit down crosslegged together to rifle through our family photographs one day by themselves.  So this Mother’s Day, we’ve created gifts with Truprint to capture our love for each other. There were so many different photo gifts to choose from that finally we managed to settle on three 4 x 6 inch wooden photo panels and a photo jigsaw of our family – because now that Hero is here, our puzzle is complete.

So, the Mother’s Day, if your mum is amazing as mine, you’d better not forget to tell her!

Disclosure: We were gifted the above featured products in return for this post.  


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  1. I'm in the crazy about mother's day camp! That puzzle is awesome and your mom will be reminded of your beautiful family as she puts the puzzle pieces in place. What a unique and personalized gift.

  2. Gorgeous photo products! I hadn't heard of this company yet so thanks for the intro. I will give them a try. I can't believe that Mother's Day is right around the corner.

  3. My Mom is 92–I am 64-can you imagine how many Mother's day gifts I have gotten her? They range from jewelry, to flowers to spa visits and always take her out to eat. She is definitely into Mothers Day and LOVES flowers especially when they come with unique looking vases.

  4. Sadly my mom passed away when I was younger but this would be a great idea for my mom's bff! That picture puzzle is super gorgeous and such a great idea! I would love that!

  5. I do not know yet what I will be gifting my mum with this year but i definitely plan on visiting her and definitely taking her out for a meal. Cards are definitely on the table so will see, this is a great post.

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