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It’s March already!  It’s my birthday month, and something delicious is happening!  This month, Dr. Oetker is celebrating all things chocolate, by inspiring people to try something new with it.  Don’t worry – it still involves eating it!  We love chocolate – and so we were excited to join in!
You might have seen the huge amount of chocolate we were sent from Dr. Oetker to have fun with when we posted it on Facebook and Twitter last week – and after searching the recipes on Dr. Oetker’s website, we took up the challenge and felt so inspired by the cupcakes we saw on their site that we decided to make orange and lemon white chocolate muffins.  Mainly because white chocolate is neglected in our household and also because I feel that white chocolate is lighter and somehow less naughty for me to be eating – you know, less naughty than the chocolate tea party we had last year for example.
Lyoto and I made the muffins together whilst it was hailing outside this afternoon; whilst Jensen was at school and Hero was taking a much needed nap.  I’m always surprised how much of the recipe for cupcakes he can remember, given that he only just turned three.  He’s either a culinary genius and I’m never going to be hungry when he grows up, or we make cakes rather too often. Hmm.

In any case, we were inspired by Dr. Oetker’s white chocolate and lemon layer cake and white chocolate and caramel cupcakes.  Our orange and lemon white chocolate muffins contained not just chopped Dr. Oetker white chocolate chunks and lemon extract, but also their so-sweet-you-really-don’t-want-to-eat-them-but-somehow-you-manage-to-eat-the-whole-box-quite-quickly little tiny white chocolate hearts to add some extra love to our bakes.  Topped with orange infused white chocolate buttercream, they were more swiped than shared – but then with a house of boys, they were never going to last long!  I hid one for the mister for with his after work cup of coffee, and he was delighted.  

If you love to bake with chocolate, or you want to try your hand at it, enter Dr. Oetker’s fantastic competition on Twitter!  Encouraging bakers to celebrate all that’s wonderful about chocolate by baking a chocolate creation and sharing it with someone, Dr. Oetker believes chocolate tastes better when it’s not eaten alone [unlike how I find myself consuming it – as fast as I can, in the kitchen, before my boys discover I have chocolate]
All you need to do is tweet @DrOetkerBakes with a photograph of your chocolate bake and details of whom you’re sharing it with, using the hashtag #evenbetterbaking, for the chance to win a deluxe hamper of chocolate products!  
We had such fun this afternoon – what would you bake, and who would you share it with?  
Disclosure: We received chocolate products from Dr. Oetker for the purposes of this post.  The opinions are mine alone.

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  1. I've never met a chocolate I didn't like, including white chocolate. Is it wrong that I want to jump through the screen and grab that cupcake? Chocolate, orange and lemon? Oh, yes!!! This is the perfect spring dessert. Beautiful photos, too!

  2. I think I would try to recreate your delicious orange and lemon white chocolate muffins. They look delish and it would be a great way to sample Dr 's O's products.

  3. These turned out beautiful and the recipe sounds delicious! I didn't know about Dr. Oetker, but anyone who supports chocolate is worth knowing about. Off to check it out!

  4. That is a gorgeous picture and I am a huge chocolate/lemon lover. Naturally I love baking with chocolate, but my baking is like a toddlers drooling. One big, ole mess 😉

  5. Wow! I would love to try this. That picture is making me drool over here. I'm trying to cut some calories and that might be thrown out the window now I seen this. lol

  6. I don't care for white chocolate, but I love orange and milk chocolate. I may try this with milk chocolate, even though it will be no where near as pretty!

  7. You had me hooked with the gorgeous presentation. The zest of citrus with white chocolate definitely is a culinary experience.

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