Momma Needs To Relax… [The Great Escape, Truro]

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Despite getting ridiculously excited over the new Christmas and Hallowe’en scented candles in our local garden centre, I have to confess that I have had my head in the sand – or the candle wax even – when it comes to buying candles for relaxing with at home.
Fantastically, the very cheery team at The Great Escape Truro decided to educate me, and said they were sending me their Big Smoke Crackling Candle Collection for Mother’s day.  I was delighted to accept and, and as I told my mum about it over the phone, I noticed more than a little interest from her.
“Candles?” She said… “Er, you know I love candles.  What, er, kind are they?”
Well, mum, let me tell you [as I had to go to the dentist before I got the chance to say more than the words ‘gorgeous ones’ after realising I was late to collect my new night guard for my poor jaws from the dentist as I need to relax more in the evenings apparently *sigh*]…These are not your run of the mill, rose scented for mum, candles. These are Ecosoya soy wax candles, with natural wooden wicks, which arrive at their destination in sophisticated style, closeted in a svelte black box with double sided satin ribbon, cushioned with crinkly card packaging.  I unearthed each one individually with the mister and asked him to identify the scents in each one.

Usually, he says they all smell the same.  Normally he hates them.  Rolls his eyes, asks how much I’ve spent and how dangerous they will be near the boys.

Not. This. Time.

From the four; Paris, Honolulu, Jaipur and Mississippi, his favourite was Jaipur with its spiced ginger fragrance.  My boys loved the creme brûlée of the Mississippi candle and I loved the pineapple and coconut of Honolulu.  I had to force myself to replace it in the box for fear of sniffing the whole fragrance out of the candle though.  Can you do that?   I’ve been teetotal since 2009 and I immediately identified the champagne contained in the aroma of the Paris Champagne and rose candle.  The fragrances are out of this world.

As if the smell wasn’t enough of a delight, the candles are hand poured and highly luxurious with a burn time of 15 hours each – now that’s a long bath!  If you want to treat your special someone this Mother’s Day, hurry over to The Great Escape.  Now please excuse me, I need to hide mine before my mum comes over…

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