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We had a first today.  It was unexpected and not the nicest of firsts, but not the worst either.  This muddy, strawberry stained little face took a tumble.  But that wasn’t his first.

Baby Hero needed [according to a little talk between him and Granny] a plaster for his little scratch on his knee.  Scraping his chubby little leg on the step stone today, Granny asked and he nodded, wide eyed and serious.  A plaster was in order.

There has been much pointing at his terrible injury, and much pride that he has a little plaster of his own to show for his trials in Granny’s garden this afternoon. 

It’s a very special plaster.  It has little monkeys on it and we all have to say, “Ooo! Ooo!” when he pokes it.  He’s very proud of himself and his bravery today.
Nothing is ordinary.

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