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So, what’s been happening in the last seven days? I’ve skipped a few weeks whilst we migrated and I found my feet, and so here we are again, rounding up the week.

Well, it’s summer apparently here in Hampshire and although we sadly aren’t going on holiday this year, it’s been an okay start to the six week break.  The boys are planning their annual trip away from us to stay with their Granny and Grandad in the Midlands and we’ve been tidying the garden up so that it looks a little bit less like a huge playground.

One of the big things we’ve done this week is migrate!  Finally, we left Blogger and came over to WordPress.  It’s been brilliant so far and I’m so grateful to our host concierge and migration handler in the USA who made it less stressful for me, although I panicked and got stressy and pretty grumpy for quite a while whilst things were going on that I couldn’t control.  Anyway, I’m so happy to be on WordPress. I wish I had done it sooner.

A few things have made me laugh this week.  Firstly we were sent the most gorgeous plush Hank from Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory merchandise line by the Disney Store, and Hero fell in love with him straight away.  After a trip to the park in his stroller, he fell asleep holding Hank’s tentacles.  I hadn’t the heart to take him away and so I left him napping that way.  Soooo, Hero wakes up and is faced with an enormous wide eyed stare from a big red plush septopod. Cue yelling, fist throwing and leg swinging as he tried to attack his assailant!  I felt so bad, poor Hero and Hank…and I really, truly wish I’d been able to capture it on video. Bad momma.

We’ve started making little crafts for our book series.  Each week we’re going to be crafting and snacking themed around one of our favourite or new books as an after school idea for mommas.  They won’t be complicated or fussy, but they will hopefully give your little ones something to occupy themselves with so that you can get the dinner on!  I don’t have a name for it yet.

Hero’s party was a complete washout.  I mean, it rained the WHOLE time. Decorations, ruined. Food, ruined. Table settings, ruined. Games…well, you get the idea.  Lucky for me, my family and friends are really good sports and celebrated our little buckaroo having turned two with such good humour, eating burgers and corn on benches that my sister, brother in law and I lugged under the trees for canopy and wearing the most ridiculous cowboy hats and bandanas, stripping off layers for photos so that I could pretend it really was a summer barbecue at the beach.

I’ve been given the title of Tonka Tough Mother this week – which is a role that really could have been made specifically with me in mind.  We’re playing with Tonka toys in the mud and stones – this month we have Tonka Steel toys to take out and about with us and even my dad is impressed.

Next week is our 8 year Disney wedding anniversary and the mister’s 40th birthday…!

What have you been up to this week?

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