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Hero turned one on the third of July and so we celebrated with a fourth of July themed BBQ on the fifth.  That seemed pretty fitting and despite a murky start to the day with silver rainclouds looming whilst the wash of rain from the right before was still evaporating from the paths, the sunshine burst through at around 11.30 as we found our way to the BBQ spot at Lepe Country Park, just off the beach.

Two little explorers, clad in their baby brother’s birthday colours, headed off into the sand-peppered wind to spring over carbonated waves and skip seashore stones.
Summer is definitely here.

Birthday posts are coming soon [as soon as I’ve culled, edited photos and written them], after a post on our favourite new TV gadget!

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  1. I grew up at the beach and this just totally take me back! It looks like you've got two little guys who really love it as well and can I just say, their matching outfits are adorable!

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