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Today I’m playing catch up with a little review of a photography course I took a few months ago.  Things have piled up in my inbox and I never got around to finishing the course or writing my thoughts about it, but it was a fantastic course and I do recommend it, and so here we are.

The course was Lightroom for Photographers.  For those of you scratching your head, there are two main competitors in the photo editing world [so far as I am aware] and these are Photoshop and Lightroom.  I’ve had two amazingly talented ladies teach me how to use my camera and both of them prefer one over the other for various reasons.

The majority of the time, I edit with Photoshop.  I understand the way it works [thanks to my brilliant tutor] and I love playing around with it.  However, there are certain features in Lightroom that I loved when I tried with with my other super tutor, but I still wanted to understand what I could do with Lightroom more than I did at that point, and so the course was perfect for me.

The images are “before”s and “after”s with different Lightroom effects.

If you’re thinking of venturing into the world of Lightroom, I highly recommend the course – I wish I had known it was available last year when I started using it, there’s so much I had no idea in the programme and I’ll be using it more often now for issues such as highlight recovery [I had no idea this could be done!], lens correction, copyrighting my images and fixing other issues I have with my images.  I still prefer Photoshop if I’m completely honest, but Lightroom now has a bigger place in my heart [and on my desktop] thanks to George Cairns and his clear, concise teaching.

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