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Every holiday is memorable – but as a parent of little ones, I feel safest holidaying in one of two places.  One is my happy place at the House of Mouse in Florida, and secondly is in the UK.  I know how things work here, we have facilities we trust here and we know what to do if anything goes wrong or not according to plan.  For instance, I don’t think we ever went on holiday when I was a little girl without a pair of wellington boots.  It was summer, but we knew we were most probably going to need them. 

Our most favoured Summer holiday destination was without a doubt Newquay in Cornwall.  The soft, sandy beaches with breathtaking – and occasionally swimwear taking too – waves, the coastal shops selling surfing shirts and necklaces that we stocked up on with our pocket money because we couldn’t get them at home and the noisy arcades with the trinket studded penny falls.  It was just perfect, with an assortment of chocolate box bed and breakfast hotels dotted along the seaside roads leading to the cliff tops where we watched the eclipse all those years ago, waiting for some kind of supernatural power to throw the blue whales onto the beach, or something like that.

Newquay.  It holds most of my childhood memories and one day we hope to take our boys there to show them the huge, red crabs snuggled under seaweed alongside other hidden gems in morning rock pools, the greasy spoon café overlooking the harbour and how to build a sandcastle with a moat.

We’d absolutely love to visit Cornwall and enjoy a cream tea beside the seaside – and if you’re as fond of the English coast as we are, try taking the Park Dean Holidays quiz to be in with the chance to win a 3 or 4 night vacation worth £499!  Good luck!

Granny cuddles are easier to get on holiday in your own country…

Their competition closes on September 4th – good luck!!

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  1. This sounds like an amazing beach indeed and the kids look like they are having a blast for sure. Newquay sounds like an amazing place to visit for sure. I love these photos and they really are memories for you all. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aww! I love your description of your childhood memories and the red crabs snuggled under seaweed. You're a great writer. Your descriptions make me want to visit because it almost brings me some sort of nostalgia! Thanks for sharing.

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