Snow Day!!!

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Snowy days in Hampshire are very few and far between.  We get plenty of wet days, an abundance of windy days from the Southampton coast, and lots of toe-curlingly cold days, but few snow days.  So when we awoke to a flurry of flakes and a blanket of white purity on Friday, we moved understandably fast to get out into the white stuff and get our snowman on.

Excalibur was the first Jones into the great white outdoors. Let’s just say it was less white when he had finished.

Bundled up, in the happiest of yellow rubber dungarees, Jensen Indiana made his way to the garden whilst Dadda was still trying to figure out whether he could get to work in the blizzard.

He was impressed to see Excalibur eating the snow like a huge bowl of ice cream.

Casanova was full of husky-kisses for the boys.

When Dadda had finally established he was working from home in the afternoon, he and the boys headed out into the street to build a snowman.  Something about not wanting a yellow snowman.

Baby Dragon, dressed in the same bear suit his big brother had worn two years earlier, was initially cautious as he made his Hampshire snow debut.


Dadda made the beginnings of a snowman.  It didn’t last long.

The start of snowman two was more successful.


The snow was deep for Hampshire.  We were beyond excited that this was real snow, not the powdery nonsense we usually get on occasion.


Mini footprints in the snow…

Soon it became time for some serious snowman construction.

The Jones boys were very happy about this,despite the weather being bitterly cold.


Baby Dragon looked beautiful in the snow.  No tears at all. Maybe he’s a snow dragon.

Our Little Adventurer did some snowballing.

…and was pleased when he hit his loyal, loving mother target.

Unexpectedly, the face-freezing temperatures did not phase Baby Dragon one bit.


Dadda got rolling whilst Jensen assisted.


These two photos below are now what I recognise as Lyoto checking the coast was clear for what happened subsequently.

Carefully, Jensen places the Oreo buttons on the snowman.

Even more gently, someone reaches out…



…and steals, and eats them contentedly whilst the remaining construction work was completed.

After several replacements, Mr. Snowman was complete!

Before going in, mastitis-suffering Momma managed to get a photo with her Dragon, for posterity in his first home snow.

We hope you all had as much fun as we did!


The snow is holding out today, but we’ll bring it inside instead, and leave Old Snowy in peace.


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