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It’s the start of the month and time for our fantastic new link-up, Snapshots and Scenes.  Do you know what I love about our link-up?  It’s that it’s easy – and fun.  Easy because it doesn’t require me editing for hours and hours to get everything perfect; fun because instead of having to capture 10+ images for a detailed post on the big events in our lives, I can pop my favourite snapshots, those I’ve snapped fast with my camera to actually capture that moment in our lives that means nothing to anyone else but everything to us as a family memory into this monthly post and see us grow up together.

The idea is to share the little moments, and to capture our lives on  60 second video too.  We’d love you to join in and have fun with it – I’m joined by a very talented and fun loving bunch of photography bloggers:

Mel [Le Coin De Mel]

Kerri-Ann [Life As Our Little Family]

Chloë [Sorry About The Mess]

Jenny [Let’s Talk Mommy]

Amber [Meet the Wildes]

and we would LOVE to see the little things you’ve been up to in your everyday lives.

This month, I’m chasing my tail because of, well, everything – but we’ve had fun at the newly refurbished park in Southampton in the freezing cold…
Yotie was given Humphrey the Hummingbird to bring home from school as a reading reward and we took him out for a walk even though poor Yotie had the worst cold [as can be seen below, poor Yotie]…

The boys took part in raising money for Children in Need, dressed in their PJs for school…

Hero fell in love with the music of the Beatles thanks to five little Beat Bugs and styled his own Instagram shot…

I had my first ever [and I’m hoping it’s not my last ever] breakfast at Claridges with the Walt Disney Company, followed by a spending spree in the Oxford Street Disney Store which was closed just for us, whilst we said Merry Christmas to Mickey and Minnie too!

…and December has started off well with the Christmas Tree Farm and decorating the tree!

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