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So once again I decided to hand over the writing of the gift guide to the hopeful recipient of the gifts – our seven year old, Jens.  His taste has changed again this year quite drastically as he’s discovered how amazing science and technology are and I’m a little teary about how fast he’s growing up.  I still want him to want baby dolls and pushchairs and race around the aisles of Toys R Us with me, looking at the sparkly toys.  Boys are a steep learning curve for me.

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A – Squishy Human Body

After watching this [and I know this, because I too was watching] on Cookie Swirl’s YouTube channel, and studying the human body at school, this was one of the first things that Jens decided he absolutely wanted.  The organs are removable and he can learn about how we’re put together.

B – SmartBot*

Robots are a favourite of our boys, and this looks so much fun! It’s a programmable robot which can dance too!

C – Tumball Game*

This reminds me of a game I had when I was little for some reason, and I know the boys will love playing together as it’s such a simple concept that will make them giggle.

D – Mario Brox Monopoly*

I’ve heard so much about this game and we are so excited to play it because it has some twists on the original Monopoly game instead of simply being themed around Mario and friends.  The boys have played Junior Monopoly since last year and this will be a step up for us.


Osmo is amazing.  Completely fantastic and the first time we played with it, I was left open-mouthed.  It’s a brilliant way of getting your children to be more interactive with their technology and there are so many fun games to play.  We’ll be featuring this on our blog in the new year as Osmo have sent us some fun games to play!

F – Vtech Flix

This was at the top of Jensen’s list.  He’s quite sure he can survery his bedroom whilst he’s not there and see what the elves are up to. Haha.  It looks like lots of fun for him and hopefully the sensor will be good enough to cope with the low light in our house.

G – Rubix Junior*

I loved my Rubix cube and despite being awful at it, I persevered [and still was hopeless].  The new, animal shaped Rubix look so much fun.

H – Hot Wires*

Hot Wires from John Adams was on Jensen’s list thanks to Gav’s suggestion last year and then for some reason, we decided he was a little too young.  This year we’re more than a bit excited as Jens loves seeing science in action and I’m blown away by how much he absorbs in the science world at just seven years old.

I – Nerf Raptorstrike*

Ever since he went to a Nerf party in the Summer holidays, Jens has been wanting one of these and although I have no idea where he’s going to be able to shoot this, he’s so keen and I can’t wait to see him try to balance and shoot it at the same time.  Pray for my ornaments. Haha.

J – Discovery Channel Telescope*

Granny has a telescope and the boys have all wanted to look at the sky in our garden – and hunt for Father Christmas.  Jensen loves anything about the solar system after learning about the earth on our globe and this is a super grown-up present for him.

K – Build Your Own Jet Engine*

Haynes Build Your Own Jet Engine is something that Jensen is desperate to have a go at.  He wants to see how the airplanes stay in the air and figures he only needs two of these kits and he’s airbourne and can take us on holiday.  We just saw these on offer in Costco too, and can’t wait to try it out!

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